Joint Statement

in steemit •  2 years ago

On March 14, 2017, Daniel Larimer resigned as Chief Technology Officer of Steemit, Inc. Steemit, Inc. and Dan wish to confirm to the Steemit community and the public generally that they have parted on amicable terms without dispute. Steemit, Inc. and Dan each look forward to continuing to make valuable contributions to the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities. Steemit, Inc. wishes to thank Dan for his service, and Dan wishes the Steemit officers, employees, and community members continued success in the development of the STEEM blockchain and the Steemit social media platform. 

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Lies can be transparent too, so they did cover the "transparency" bit from earlier communications.


I just snorted, glad I didn't have liquid in my mouth!

Without dispute? Didn't Dan want the code open source and others in Steemit, Inc. did not?


He must have dropped it so there is no current dispute.


yes, this needs more clarification.


Dan wanted a lot of things. He was the one who created the license. He often hit people in the face by suddenly changing his opinion and wanting to redirect things others relied on. All imo of course ;)

I'm glad the waves have calmed, and everyone's going their way! A lot more mature than other dramas on here :D

Seriously, its nice to hear this. You guys put in a ton of work and I have had a great time on the platform. I'm happy to read that things are cool with you.


LOL! Great clip to go with this article! ;) :D

thank you for this update. very nice communication.


Simple and to the point. "We're good". Cool.

Looks like someone whos name starts with D made up. LOL, you can't make this shit up.

So glad to read this. Thank you.

That is good to know! Thanks for the update.


Aw! I love it so very much!

That is fantastic news! Thanks for the communication and also the update-

That's a whale of an informational. Thank you!

thank you for the update on things

Well i wish the best for him and can't wait to see his next endeavor.


How sweet. I love reading @dan's posts and a happy to see he still posts.

Blockchain fest. Some hope that Dan might continue to contribute to Bitshare or Steem BC would have meant something.

So glad to see this. I was worried about a lawsuit at some point the future.

Good a statement was finally put out on this.

I wish everyone the best always.

Glad to see some kind of statement about this... and wish Dan all the best with his future endeavors!

Glad to hear it! The amicable thing that is :0)


great work! :)

@dan resteemed this, so I guess the joint nature of it is verified, assuming the actual man still controls that account

thank you for everything you have done for steemit far.

haha. 1 month late ;) but finally !

Kiss kiss and let's move on like those mature adults 💃💫

tldr; if Dan isn't busy and wants to throw a few commits to the system, just like anyone else can, he is more than welcome to and may..

You can't give birth to a baby like steemit and have it not hold a special place in your heart. We'll see Dan again.