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At Steemit we are grateful to have a user base that spans the whole world. While we understand that Thanksgiving is just an American holiday (and a somewhat controversial one at that) we do believe that there is value in taking the opportunity to express our gratitude to those who have given us something special.

Thank You

We know that neither the site we love (steemit.com) nor the blockchain we love (Steem) would be anything without you all; the amazing Community that uses the tools we create to enhance their lives. In fact, that was pretty much all we could talk about at SteemFest 4.

We talked about it in our group presentation which you can see below:

And @roadscape talked about it in his presentation about our aptly-named and upcoming Communities feature (now in private beta):

We are thankful to those of you who stuck with us through the hard times. We are thankful to those of you who are new to the platform and are willing to give us a shot. And we are thankful to our detractors who provide us with valuable feedback about how we can improve our products.

Thank you and have a happy holiday season!

The Steemit Team



Happy late Turkey day 😘

Have a happy day!

Those who understand and acknowledged the value and contribution of others are great peoples. therefore, I wanna appreciate you @steemitblog. Stay blessed

Thanks, everyone! I'm still excited for this platform and look forward to sharing some serious, turkey pics. Keep up the good work!

We appreciate that and we look forward to seeing those sweet sweet turkey shots!

As a writer, I'm grateful for the good work that you do as well as the opportunity to share my thoughts and life events on this promising platform. _/|\_

Belated Thanksgiving Greetings to you from DC, USA, and early Christmas Greetings, too :)

I am rather thanking the steemit team for affording me the opportunity to reach the WORLD via my blog from my microcosm!!

But may I differ on the submission that Thanksgiving is solely American?

No! It isn't!! Thanksgiving is celebrated in my country as well. It may not be of the same date of month though!

Thanks you too Steemit! Just for what you are!
In my opinion, Thanksgiving day has to be every day, and its has to be international !
Thanks to all! :-)

We take pride in being associated to such a great team as the steemit team that has changed lives of the ordinary citizens. Happy thanksgiving to you to

Happy Holidays people here in Stemmit!

I am here for the long hall, so no worries there. I have regained faith in this blockchain after the change in leadership that occurred here recently, so, for the best!

Hi guys! I'm New here. I'm hoping to meet some kind people :)

Also happy Thanksgiving, even though it's late. Hope you all survived black friday and got some nice deals ;)

Personally, I'm very thankful to Steemit for providing me an opportunity to express myself in writing, and also making it possible for me to learn a lot from many people I don't even know.
I say a big thank you to Steemit and all her friends.

Happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to the updates.

Happy thanks to all!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope we've got luck in all things we aspire to do.

Happy Thanksgiving. I love the view from the Grand Postal Building. I hope many of you got to check that out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m grateful for the amazing people I’ve met in 2019. Life would be boring without them, some struggle, and an opportunity to grow.


Happy Thanksgivings from the @coingecko team!

Happy thanksgiving to everyone

I love steemit platform. More often than not, I forget I can earn by being here. But I love being here. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wow, i love it thanks giving (ツ) .

Happy thanks giving!!!🍷

Happy thanks giving!!! It is true honor to be part of such an astonishing movement ;) :) :) ;)

Thank you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Yes, without the global community of people, Steemit would be just an empty shell. You can build something, but it's the workers who fill it up daily, and keep filling it up as long as you offer a unique platform to do so.

just new here and still got to know how the system works.. but same time enjoy reading to comment.. how are you doing?

Hey @steemitblog, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!


Happy Thanksgivings!
It's a pity that only a few people like dancing on this platform.
I would love to see sometimes all those IT guys dancing.
Dancing is good for you and puts a smile on your face.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jah Bless 🍻!BEER

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I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Thank you for making Steem, The Blockchain!

Same to you :)

I hope things might getting better soon. Till that we all should HODL! happy thanks giving day!


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One of the things I am thankful for is Steemit ... happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


At Steemit we are grateful to have a user base that spans the whole world.

Yep!! and over here you can confirm how true is this assessment. Historically speaking, of course. :)

Thank you and have a happy holiday season!

That's the spirit and exactly what a community is all about.
Happy holiday season for everyone!!

Thanks for stepping up and getting so many things done. <3
Wishing you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving Day!

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Pray for turkeys! 🦃

You are most very welcome..

!giphy thanksgiving

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All health and profit.

Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the post.

Hey Everyone. New here. Wish me luck. Also, do read my first blog- a review of an unconventional indie movie from India. You will love it.

Thank you for this wonderful platform!

Uma data bastante esperada para todos!

thanks all of my friends

Happy late turkey day :P :P

Thank you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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Have a happy day , this community has a long journey in front of it that can be successful with this cool people .

In return, I am thankful to you all for the immense education in cryptocurrency and blockchain, that was provided to me free of charge and for the sense of community I feel when engaging with those who use the platform.

Thank you so much! We really appreciate that. We can't wait to share our upcoming Communities feature with you. We really think it's going to dramatically enhance that sense of community while giving you the tools you need discover amazing content and make more meaningful connections.

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