That was just sad..really?

Does the bump have anything to do with figuring out how to cover up shady shit and lies?

So quickly, within 24 hours they cannot uphold their promises while the tasks Steemit Inc gave themselves is not a difficult one.

When Lambo?

Nobody wants to see a mousy Beetle like that.

Seeing as how you’ve lied about everything so far... I’ll take this as a clear indicator that the wheels have come off.

The whole car is gone.

More like a bump on the head causing massive brain damage.

this is getting more retarded by the day

day 2 was really great. you don't freeze steem users accounts every day. you also don't dump witnesses, that supported you, every day. It will be hard to make day 3 better.

Wait what? Day 2 wasn't the freezing?


Ok, that was unfortunate, but accidents happen. Hopefully all is well, looking forward to day 3.

Hey @steemcurator01,
There is no announcement on day 2 but I still translated this post into Hindi, as there is nothing hard work in this post so I have added @steemitblog as 50% beneficiary
Here is the link :-

Nobody question it, just sing along

Finally you showed us what the kind of the car the steem became after your hostile takeover, cenzorship and centralization.

Ps the more you want cover the bad comments with new posts, the more will come, dont bother.

Steemit Inc is pathetic.
Eli. you are also very pathetic.

Justin & Tron Foundation are a bunch of heinous criminals

Eli's lack of integrity (or incompetence?!) could probably land her in prison.

Seriously? Is this all you can come up with? You are funny, but in a bad way, and have justified my decision to move!

I wonder what day 3 will look like...

The way you started, i expect you will be clubbing baby seals to death by day 25.


Justin Sun on Facebook:


Justin Sun on Twitter


Justin Sun (& co) on Steemit


Really makes you think.

Broke down already?
No structure or schedule set?

Broke down already?
No structure or schedule set?

                 - jacobtothe

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

poetry achieved.
My intent met with success.
Thanks for noticing.

@blocktrades has resigned from STEEM to move to HIVE, can we be sure that @poloniex and @binance continue to remain stable in STEEMIT? Aarrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

What kind of fortune cookie rubbish is this???

Vague and empty words from Tronfucius???

I think you could say with @blocktrades being blocked you could actually say the wheels HAVE come off. Good luck making justinifying that one...

This is insane. I wonder if this means @eli is quitting too. The last post didn't seem like it was written by her.

Meh, probably just wishful thinking.

That's some solid progress right there!

P.S. : No cars' wheels ever came off at a speed bump in the history of speed bumps.

Is this for real? Day 2....
(April fools day, has long gone)


Who are you trying to convince?
Not thinking people, surely? I do hope not.

How utterly embarrassing for you, this must be.
(Integrity is a great thing, btw).

If you have any heart, please at least be nice to Blocktrades. They make your life easier to ;).

day 1 was bad
day 2 was worse

Ah, I see. We will have to wait till tomorrow for wheels will come off.

Ah, I see. We will
Have to wait till tomorrow
For wheels will come off.

                 - ammonite

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

LOl day 2, ooops we fucked up, turn back

You're really useless little pricks, time to sue you out of the world economy. How do you like the Crpto-Class-Action lawsuit so far? Will you go bankrupt and restart or just leave the US for now?

….and others 98 useless days.

Under the 100 Days of Steem project we will be making a new announcement every single day for the next one hundred days.

This is the new announcement for today? I can't wait for the other 98 days to roll on. I'm engrossed.

Keep up the hard work @steemitblog. Take each bump at a time and ignore the haters!

Under the 100 Days of Steem project we will be making a new announcement every single day for the next one hundred days.

Great announcement. I cannot wait to see what you announce on day #3. The future of Steem is in great hands.


yeah .. i have always supported steem

@steemitblog The nice representation. I like it. but...
We are waiting for more valuable announcement. Are you just communicating with all for 100 days or making announcement.
Waiting to hear from you. I have lots of hope from Steem community.

Why? Why do you have any hope at all considering what you’ve seen here so far?

  1. They didn’t respond to or communicate with the community at all before telling everyone everything would move to Tron.
  2. When the drastic measure of sf22.2 was taken to get them to communicate, they posted the same day. No mention of “hackers” or “theft” or anything negative at all. Instead of an immediate conversation right then to resolve the issue they postpone for weeks so they have time to...
  3. Completely centralize the chain with a sybil attack using user funds on exchanges
  4. Having clearly received an answer about the intentions of the new ninja mined stake owner (the whole point of the temporary 22.2), the group wanting to fork away from Steem grows into the majority of the community.
  5. At the last minute, more than just the Steemit stake was excluded from the Hive airdrop. I argued strongly against this but was overruled by consensus. Maybe I was wrong since those excluded people seem to be unilaterally controlling Steem now.
  6. Steemit starts censoring some accounts on
  7. Steemit starts censoring some accounts on the Steemit API which now impacts other front ends like steempeak and busy because there is no community interest in running API nodes for a centrally controlled database claiming to be a blockchain.
  8. Steemit inc (or at least, based on the voting patterns, with their approval) takes the final step where we are today to lock accounts on the chain level. Of 21 “witnesses” only 1 published about this code deployment (unlike 22.2 where all witnesses posted their views).

The last step is the the key. There was no recognition of the community concerns about the ninja mined stake throughout all this drama. The community was ignored. They have lied again and again and again. What happened to never freezing stake?

we misunderstood, that was never freezing Justin Sun stake, other stake can be freezed when ever he thinks it should be.

Why? Why do you have any hope at all considering what you’ve seen here so far?

This all because of our most of the coward witnesses. They have to blame for this situation. They run away from here and make their own house. Leave this platform. Why you hope here better than this? It is as expected to me. It is has to done, they blocked very less account. They have to block many accounts in this softfork. I don't understand why they block only few accounts.

No benefit, of point was discussion. You all know. Everyone have their style of work. We can't compare anyone with others.

It is too much time taking to discuss the points. Anyone has their own views. I concluded the whole matter, our old coward witnesses has started this drama and leave the platform and is still going on. Mr. Justin is now only here because he has done major investment in this. So, as he wants this chain will work, until no leader is come and take action for all community interest/including all.

You might get a haiku today.

@enforcer48 i don't understand the point. My English language is very weak. If you explain, that much better. If not, No problem at all. Thanks for commenting.

Haiku poetry
syllables five, seven, five
simple elegance

ok. I don't understand. Thanks for trying.

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. In English, it is typically rendered as three lines with a total of seventeen syllables. The first has five syllables. The second line has seven. The third has five again. The goal is elegant simplicity. My example is here.

Thanks @jacobtothe to clear me the words 'Haiku'. Thanks for all.

Doing nothing is probably better than Steemit has done since Justin's acquisition.

Guys the lizard people have clearly taken over. Look at the hidden messages in the picture. The CIA are involved. Embryos and death. The insanity will never stop.

@elipowell has become a construct of the borg set on controlling the human race.

It's very good to see SteemIt inc finally communicating with the community on a regular basis.

Keep up the great work eli

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