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At Steemit, we want to empower community developers to improve and, which is why we are so excited about all the community contributions we have been getting lately!

Look at all of these community PRs!

If it wasn’t obvious, @quochuy is without question this week’s MVP, if only based on pure volume! But @quochuy didn’t stop there, also contributing what we feel is a significant aesthetic improvement to how comments are displayed on (“Condenser”). Many of you might have noticed this change already! If not, just take a look at the comments section below.

Contribution Guidelines

In an attempt to make it easier to contribute to Condenser we have simplified and unified our Contribution Guidelines. The guidelines should provide developers with a way to make contributions with confidence. At the same time, they give the developers who are reviewing those contributions more clear guidance on how to evaluate submissions.

The Backlog

We’ve made an initial pass through our backlog, but some issues still require confirmation that they can be reproduced. If you’d like to help, be sure to check out the “help-wanted” tag on the condenser repo.

Steem’s Secret Weapon

The software that powers is one of the secret weapons of the Steem ecosystem. Steem is the easiest, most low-cost, blockchain for powering web applications. By offering a powerful, open source web application that anyone can use to bootstrap their blockchain-powered business, we are ensuring that there will always be a vibrant and growing community of developers looking to improve the software. That’s why we are excited to see teams like those behind RocketX and Nitrous essentially offering “Condenser-as-a-Service” and users like @quochuy not only helping to make it function better, but to make it look better too.

One Small Step

We know that organizing the backlog and updating the contribution guidelines is just one small step toward showing community developers how to best get involved and that we are serious about being a collaborative community project. We have to continue reviewing PRs, providing feedback, and demonstrating our commitment to this flow if we want to regain the trust of community developers.

But in order to do that, we need community PRs to review! So if you’re a developer who wants to help improve or, be sure to check out our updated Contribution Guidelines and the help-wanted tag!


New to developing for Condenser? Check out this tutorial we just published to @steemitdev which goes through how to write your own features.

_The Steemit Team


It’s morning here in Oz and I was waiting for my train when I saw the notification for this post. That’s great to see the comments section redesign finally pushed out! I’ve prepared a proposition for redesigning the post list (feed, created, trending etc...) to go in line with the new comments section. It will help rejuvenate the look of our Condenser.

I hope to see more community developers involved.

BTW, the Korean translation fix was from me too 😝

Thanks @steemitblog

If you like my work, please consider approving my witness

Keep up the good work! We need a lot more like you around here that is for sure!

Thanks mate

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Keep up the good work on here and bring some more in just like you!

If you like my work, please consider approving my witness

Done! :)

Thanks bro

Thanks heaps! Appreciate.

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done :) thanks for steemit beautiful

You definitely deserve my witness vote! Great job, I love to see some changes to the overall design of It was getting kinda stale :P

I've just created a dpoll to see what everyone's opinion is on the comment redesign.

Ah that's a great idea, thanks for doing it and for the vote too.

If you like my work, please consider approving my witness

Done. Keep the contributions coming!

Thanks a lot

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You can have my vote. Thanks for all the hard work! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have prepared for the redesigned post list.

I’m excited to submit it but it still needs some more tweaking and tests. Stay tuned

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I also approved your witness. All these contributions to the condenser count.

This is why you have my witness vote, mate!!

Thanks for your support mate

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Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to work on these issues!

I'm using it every day, so I might as well get my hands dirty and make it a better dapp. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for all the hard work! @blockbrothers will take your request under consideration.

Thank you, that means a lot to me.

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You rock!!!

You making good job! There is many work on that.


Also rename trending to overvalued. I guess we should pay attention to views and activity/comments parameters.


Views area bit tricky from what I understand as this would only count views on and not on other dapps.

Having a section that shows posts by activity/comments “might” be possible with Hivemind. Maybe you should open a discussion at

I have logged a proposal to increase the width of the content section of a post page. This needs more thoughts on how to handle existing articles that have been optimised for the current width.

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Hi @quochuy, can I reach you somewhere on discord?:)

My Discord username: QuocHuy [witness]#4676

@quochuy, congrats again! I've just voted for you :)

Thanks for your contributions! :D Glad to hear you'll follow-up to get some of the other stuff in line with the comment section. Cheers!

Stay tuned

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Thanks for putting in time to make our blockchain a better place.

You have my vote for witness.

Fixed! Thanks for your great work!

Hi Steemit, I would like to know where i could find the writting rules about publications, both text and pics. Specifically i want to know if i could to edited photos taking from my own camera in photoshop to edited sky, and also if i could use icons to power point to do some icons to post on my articles. So thanks!!

Wah am impressed

Thanks @quochuy for all your work!

When is Steemit Inc going to address getting STEEM listed on exchanges? STEEM is now ranked 73 and slipping fast!

Thanks @wehmoen

Working on the Condenser is quite educative for me as I’m still very new to React. Nice work with the Twitch player! @simgirlandsnook must be happy for their Bad Karaoke contest 😄

I know @evildido, who is also a fellow witness, has submitted a similar PR for BitTube player.

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Voted your witness. Keep up the good work.

Thank you :-)

hahaha bro, practice react as with one react task i have. it is quite a simple one. I will DM you with it. Congrats bro. I know it is fulfilling too helping steem.

Yes mate, I need to practice some more :-)

voted too :)

Amazing, thanks heaps

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How about mentioning @aggroed and @someguy123 and their Steem-engine and now TRIBES which @jarvie and @asgarth of @steempeak have allowed on their site



Theres so many contributions from steem-engine i could think of but yeah is really making it easier to use steem and sort all the new developments.

I feel like this post should have made it clear what kind of "community contributions" your talking about? Like you mean Github contributions to the Steemit condensor github page right?
We should have you keep track of all the other contributions @steemitblog never mentions

@ned should give some support to steem-engine

Steem Engine is awesome. Kudos to all involved.

I think this post was clear enough. I mean the title did say “Community Contributions to” and the thumbnail also mentions Steemit.

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That! Indeed 😊

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Communities finally ! Oh wait ...

Shout out to @quochuy! I'm really digging the comments section.

I like the new UI upgrade of comment section too! Seems STEEMIT is moving forward and would like to see more strategies on advertising too!


It's nice to see you embracing the community which is our most powerful asset.
There are a few additions that would help the interaction with Steemit that other frontends have: notifications, account stats.. I don't think it has to be that hard to implement.
I would love to help but unfortunately I can't code... Yet.

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You don’t need to code to help. As in one of my previous Two little things you can do to help with Steemit development, you can already submit those ideas to


  • help testing reported bugs and confirm them and give more details if any
  • go through old issues and check if they are still relevant
  • suggest more ideas

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I will definately take a look on that. Thanks.
I am willing to help the community too.
We really appreciate your contributions!

Awesome work @quochuy! Glad I have voted for you ages ago - you should have more support!

Thank you dear. I’m very appreciative of your long time support.

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Thanks a million @quochuy for everything you do for our STEEM

Let’s together keep building our STEEM

@quochuy is underrated witness. He deserves more votes!

Thank you @nathanmars and @angelinafx, we are both strong believers in Steem.

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Wow, great work @quochuy I should head on to my list of witnesses and make sure you are one of them.

@quochuy maybe you can fix that bug which Steemit can not? Steemitwallet is not saving settings. Once I refresh the page it automatically switches page language to Russian which is very annoying. I've reported to Steemit several times without an answer.

Hi @dunsky, there is another language issue already reported:

But I think yours is a little bit different. Could you create submit an issue here:

Give as much info as you can, especially steps on how to reproduce it.

After that you could also create a @utopian-io bug report and get an upvote for it.

Is this maybe interesting for you?

I'm still working on it. Actually it is a living prototype, so to say. Some of the claims are not really true yet. You cannot withdraw in BTC or ETH and so on but I'm currently implementing this with the help of the blocktrades API. (UPDATE: Ok, BTC works now!) Possibilities to sponsor projects and thereby invest in STEEM will also be available soon.

What do you think?

Intro post:

Can we just shut down the blockchain and be done with it?

I do like the idea of the community helping with PR request. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

We need to get more community devs on board.

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Amazing work the community does!!

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Good work will be good, it is a normal process.

Follow me and i will return it

Bu the way - is there a place where I can "request" development of a specific feature for the condenser for a hefty amount of STEEM?:)

Create a proposal on Then make a post linking to it with your offer. Maybe also use Steem Bounty to secure the bounty for the dev, this would attract more of them. Additionally, your post could be formatted for @utopian-io to get some funds from them too.

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make a post, tell people you will pay a bounty for an accepted PR addressing your request.

Great job for all this was the best post I've read in a while.

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¡Hola amigos!... enhorabuena, gracias...

This was one of the thing I noticed first as my routine job is to reply back and also the comments I received. It looks really good and attractive such that each time after I replied I started scrolling down to see how it looks like how the line difference, the paragraphs and attached picture look like.

And out of curiosity I even made a blog asking others whether they noticed this change, Sadly no one responded and I am happy that it was a well planned modification by the

Here is the link of my blog..

Thanks and Regards

i am agree

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Love to see y'all still building community!

Thanks for all you do in your developer role! I voted for you as a witness some time ago and much appreciate your involvement here and our communities!

Its not useful to break all the communities up into their own condensers, it would work better if all the different communities were available on the same condenser.

Also having to pay to start a community is not good news.

We need a lot more like you around here that is for sure!

I love to see community development becoming more and more a part of steemit's front end success story. It shows that FOSS collaboration has tremendous value to corporations and individual users. Thank you to Steemit's team for working hard looking into, verifying, and implementing community contributions. Thank you for the hard work done by all community contributors, whether it's promoters, developers, content creators, and many other thankless jobs.