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Most people on Steem will be familiar with APPICS.

It is an Instagram type app based on the Steem blockchain.

APPICS has been on Steem almost since the start, and their team have been regular attendees at Steemfest over the years.

It was planned for APPICS to be the first users of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) on Steem. However, because of the delays in the launch of the SMTs, APPICS worked with the Steem-Engine team to launch their own SCOT token.

Now they are ready to push forward with mass marketing and mass onboarding...

1 Million SP Delegation

To help @APPICS with this forthcoming growth and expansion, Steemit, Inc. has now given them a 1 Million SP delegation.

This will provide them with the Resource Credits needed to set up large numbers of instant accounts for all the new users expected when they launch their marketing campaigns.

It will also allow them to give better curation rewards to their users on the Steem blockchain.

Steemit is delighted to be able to support APPICS in this exciting next phase of their growth and development.

And we look forward to welcoming all the new users they will be bringing to the Steem blockchain.

To find out more about APPICS visit www.appics.com or check out their profile on Steem @appics.

Steem on,
The Steemit Team


Wow !! Absoluteley great news !!
Appics was from the beginning my favorite app on Steem, without Appics I would have stopped posting on Steem already. 👏👏👏👏

Cool nice to hear that 😉 Did you know the APPICS Community has a Discord Server ?

You can join here: https://discord.gg/hT2AjkZ

already, hehehe....

😂 So many Members but now I remember u 😂

This is a really great move, I'm here on steem because of the APPICS application, and if you don't have already downloaded the app is the best time to do that 🔝

Inside it there are so many great people and creator, there are challenges where you can win free APX (there is one right now and you all can participate) 😉

If you don't know how to do that, just follow @appics and there you will find all the tutorial you need!

See you inside the APPICS application! 😎

Congrats to Appics!

I support the steem team receiving rewards for their posts. A project without benefits is a dead project. I hope that this new era in steem is full of news, activities and opportunities.

Thank you for your support.

I think it's so ironic that you would mention Steemfest when you have just frozen the Steem assets of the main organizer, @roelandp. Are you guys serious?

See the problem here is that you are too blinded by emotions to see the community and the history which you have ruined here on Steem. Your actions are wildly unpopular. Even many who sided with you originally see that you are hurting Steem. Your continued emotional outburst and reluctance to release control is a strong indication about the way you feel about this community. It's almost as if you fear us. Actually, that's exactly what it's like. You are so driven by that fear that you don't care that you have already alienated nearly all of the major developers on the chain and are continuing to do so at an alarming rate. What do you give us to look forward to?

Do you think Justin was even given any chance by our community @moeknows?

Isn't it us, who started a war with him? Lead by old witnesses?

At the end of the day your comment also doesn't bring any value. It's just spitting.

Yours, Piotr

Yes, I think he was given a chance. He has been given multiple chances. In fact, he has a chance right now to do the right thing. I'm pretty sure Steemchiller gave him a chance. He seemed to be all in on Steem. I actually thought it was probably a good thing. If I were in Sun's shoes, I would have counted that as a big win. Instead, Sun chose to censor him the moment @steemchiller chose to criticize him. The right thing to do would have been to listen to the wise counsel of a long time Steemian and developer of the most used dapp on the chain. He had a chance to do the right thing, he chose not to.

After he had supposedly "given governance back to the community" he chose to oust witnesses holding out from running a hastily built SF. This demonstrates that, if anything, the witnesses were right about him. Even when faced only with his own statements and commitments, he is unable to control his own emotions and maintain personal integrity. He has shown me nothing to make me believe that he had any other intentions than taking over the blockchain.

My comment would bring tremendous value to a normal person in Justin Sun's position. He may not be aware of the legacy left by those he chooses to war with. He also may not be aware of the how it is still benefitting him and Steem. Any reasonable person would be able to comprehend those things from my comment.

Many people one by one think similarly to you, then get hit by reality. We just try to make that more visible before it hits you too. Nevertheless, I still keep hoping for development in the right direction here...

It sounds like SteemFest will be a riot this year.

Thank you so much for this delegation. I kinda shared it already on the facebook page the Steem Power of our beloved appics platform. This will be a great help for everyone and letting the ones who used to be active on steemit to stay active here. I, the most number of referrals who let the platform joined, will now have the confidence to tell them that they are all in the right place to start their career with this emerging platform.

Grateful for this.

I've used the app for almost a year now and I'm so happy that the Steemit Team is supporting the project. I'm sure more users will start joining this Fabulous project.

YEAH 😉 FINALLY NOW @appics can start to CHANGE THE WORLD. #agc #appicsglobalcommunity #appics #appicssteem #appicsapp #passionrewarded


Thank you very much @steemcurator001 @appics @zanoni @feanor11, really appreciate that. #grateful

I'm glad to see this.
Appics is a very good app and has a great potential.

Yes it will destroy Instagram 😉

Are you using the SP you hijacked from members or is this your own offering?

Yes, fine example and representative of the current Steem community, thank you for reminding me and making it abundantly clear I am no longer welcome here.

Now, please, do everyone a favor and explain why that is.

You little whining bitch!!!

Stay classy.

This is really a great news for appics, have left steem blockchain for some times now but when appics launch their beta, I came back to enjoy the app and so far have been enjoying it.

appics is the reason why I'm still here! good job :)

same, same, hehehe

Really very excited with the support for the @appics team, congratulations on your achievement and to continue working for the future of steemit and make this platform great, they have my support.

This is a great support for spanish community. @appics, thank's for you steem initiative for all community. Regards from Venezuela.

This is really great news for the Appics family and big motivational boost. The new users are coming in every day, and the number will keep growing rapidly. Thank you, very much!

I posted over 3500 pictures on Instagram since day 1 #just4fun and now I plan to post twice as much on @appics my favourite dapp so far! This time not only for fun, also for rewards. I am proud to be the Austrian ambassador to represent this fantastic project and team. 🙏


Oh that is awesome. Especially for us Appics poster :-)

Yeah definitely awesome. ;)

That's great to have Appics get a delegation. It's was a model of decentralized Instagram. Hope Appics users begin to earn more rewards by using Appics.
How can other communities earn delegation? I think we need it to touch humanity.

I guess this is a very good move, let's see more like it in the following day.

Nice bribe! Hope they don't bite. Else they will find out in about 95 days.But then it will probably be too late for APPICS since very likely ANOTHER-APPICS with more faith will take their place on HIVE. The right time is NOW! Many would delegate APPICS on HIVE ecosystem if they would leave STEEM. But what do I know ? Good luck after 3 months !!!

I love it!!! Don't stop dumping tiger. :)

They have a great APP and I'm not sure what it would involve for them to move. I feel sorry for them that they've been caught in this crossfire.


because of Appics i came back because its passion rewarded

AWESOME the APPICS Global Community would be happy if you join the Discord Server 😉

Link: https://discord.gg/hT2AjkZ

Wow 🤩! It seems like the future will be brighter as I was thinking and we all know that without Appics Steem will not live longer after the trouble we had lately.
Go appics we love you 😍

Congratulation @appics team, may more users use your dapps. I will use appics from now on to share my smartphones photos. You should integrate tiktok style into appics too adding more fun to it.

Great news ,go Appics , love this community ❤️

That is really great! I love Appics dApp and the community!

They wouldn't even need to leave Steem to be welcome on Hive IMHO.

Congratulations @appics team! This is a great day for appics. Hoping for more collaborations soon!

APPICS to the moon🚀🚀

This is amazing One love APPICS!

You've forgotten to decline rewards again, and it looks like you're trying to buy back some of the good will you squandered in the coup by using the stake you used for the coup.

I know you probably want to lump me in with the trolls, but I am still the Self-Appointed Steem Pope. I am not ready to give up on STEEM just yet, but I am here to warn against persisting in your misteeds.

This is a public ledger system, but you censored people you disliked instead of those who have been actively attacking the community since long before Sun knew Steemit existed. These abusers of the blockchain have been running rampant since you split the community.

Why are you so carefully avoiding any substantive discussion of the very serious problems you have created here? I don't want to pretend the former witnesses were pure as the driven snow, but your ongoing actions are repugnant and inexcusable.

Repent. Make amends. Apologize.

lolzz, wake up ...

But one should not forget that Appics is a profit-oriented company.

Appics users benefit by receiving votes from the community. Because there you can see the contributions. However, bloggers on Steem do not get a vote from Appics that these users do not see posts from.

It's a rather one-sided reward.

I hope and am glad if they then no programmer will also support. There are many who are active here but unfortunately have no support.

You can definitely see a positive movement that Steemit inc. is trying to bring something new to the community.

APPICs getting 1Million, let's face it. That is 4 Million too less. #apx @appics

Can you use steemit keys to login or do you need a separate account? My login keeps saying invalid credentials

You can use your Steemit Keys (Active or Posting Key) and Username without @

Yes I know type failure forget to add and Username thanks for tellin' me

I think it is plenty, see @justyy got only 500K SP for running top witnesses, more essential infrastructure

Witnesses get block rewards, especially if they put the reg. fee to 6 like justyy is doing. The Delegation is just an additional bribe and trustful sources also tweeted that they pay ~2.500,00$ p.M. on top of that.

See what I mean, it's his job to be a witness now. Good for him.

I believe he runs multiple witnesses and that pays really well as maintaining a dozen clones don't take much more time than the first instance

When you talk about Steemfest while freezing the funds of it's organizer

That's cool! Congrats @appics keep it up! Will continue to post more!

Hey @steemcurator01

This post is also translated in Hindi for Indian community remaining post will be translated in coming hours:- https://steemit.com/hive-140690/@sumit10698/100-steem-6-appics

Great news as I love APPICS (even if they should fasten app development I believe haha)
My account is @lemon-shot if anyone is interested :)

Great way to bring new people! A big praise 🤙

Congratulations @appics

This is fantastic news. slowly but steady progressing. step by step.

I am delighted you are supporting this project.
I would also be delighted if you can answer the questions I posed in my previous comment which i have included below.

I am making this comment on behalf of @penguinpablo
He is not a troll and provides daily valuable, accurate and up to date statistics for on the Steem Block Chain. They are interesting and useful.

He is also a very responsive and helpful person.
Even tho he is being censored here (which I did not learn from him) he was gracious enough to make available a tool for me to use here https://steemnow.com It is a simple and convenient tool. We need more reasonable people like him here not less.

I have two requests
1 Please restore his account. He may be helpfull with identifying the hundreds of accounts funded by Steemit inc which have only ever been used to flag people. I have a list gathered manually if you are interested

2 Please direct me to someone who myself and the community at large is able to communicate with regarding other issues thatcrop up which are detrimental the the success of the Steem Block Chain.

I love the 100 days of Steem initiative. I am not a technical person s any contribution I make would not in that area. Thanks for considering my requests.

There are still actors with malicious intent here lets not get them confused with the helpful people

I think APPICS is a life-changing platform. Thank you for the SP Delegation!

GENIAL, ya se que aplicación usar para subir mis fotos. Viva appics

Meeting new people, engaging yourself to different crypto community while at the same time earning and making use of your precious time is what makes appics both useful and fun
KUDOS to steemit giving appics a ton of useful Delegation
I love using appics and steemit tho and im building more and more friends globally 😊

Woow! This is wonderful, Appics is a very new and attractive application for users.

I mean, it´s great and all that you´re supporting projects (as you promised), but where is the transparency? And how is this process being conducted?

It´s been 8 months since the "Delegation Application" process started, and there´s still plenty of projects that hasn´t been replied to (understandably though, as there has been turbulence in the ecosystem).

But to put it bluntly: How does anyone else of us get one of these delegations to be able to onboard users in the same manner?

Great that!

You should also consider other big apps like Drugwars!

Steem on!

Yes that is good idea.. because drugwars is not based on steem xD

good news. I am pleased😊

Congratulations to Appics for the Delegation of 1 Million SP. Does this mean that SMTs are soon coming on steem? We no more have the roadmap and the levels of activities as per the launch of SMTs. I hope they'll use the delegation wisely.

Any contest for today? We need to earn more steem.

Why would it in any way mean that SMTs are coming soon? That's not at all related to doing a simple delegation to try and keep one of the best apps still posting on Steem.

Any contest for today? We need to earn more steem.

Sums it all up for me...

Haha, yeah... Quite sad tbh.

That would be the nail into your corrupt witnesses coffin. :)

Congrats @appics I hope that you will enjoy this delegation for a long time. If it ever was removed, you know that there is this other Blockchain that could support you.

When SMT?
Any ETA?

Thanks a lot @steemit team for supporting @appics. It's a good motivation to the Steem community & Appics users to participate.

I will downloading Appics app to participate as well.

Steem on!

Resteemed for more visibility.

What can I say 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm happy 😭😭😭😭

Seem that, this is a great way for steemit, supports a great platform like Appics. I'd like the most in the platform is the way they supports their users and even other features who is great.

God Bless!!!

Congratulations @appics. 👍🏻💕

좋은 소식임에도...

하이브로 떠난 썩고들 스팀 파워다운 하며
appics apx 포스팅으로 스팀 끝까지 단물 쥐어짜기 하고 있답니다~!

어뷰징으로 스팀 긁어 모아 가는데 털리면서도 @appics 계정에서는 이를 막지 못하고 있답니다~!

Very good. Step by step slowly slowly. No need to rush, but again one step closer to sucess 😉
Will be good but i hope in the near future we will get also a update for the androind version. But better later than have a app full of issues.
Until now i am satisfied with appics 😉


We want to thank everyone for supporting APPICS, thank you Steemit Inc for the delegation, thank you to the community for your all your comments, we appreciate you! 🙌💛

Please check out our recent ➡️ blogpost ⬅️ in which we want to say thank you to our community and update you on what's happening at APPICS with Influencers, Ambassadors and more.

Have a great easter holiday everyone! 🐰🥚

Hey Appics team.

I noticed SteemFest was mentioned in this post. Those were the days eh!

What do you think of the 8 accounts being blocked and your delegator actively voting for that blocking 17 Million Steem from entering the markets?

Steemit Inc actively votes and supported only new witnesses running 22.8888 - a softfork which sole purpose is to block governance & fund related operations for the following accounts:

17 Million Steem blocked from governance or transferring.

Blocktrades |  4,255,924 SP |   770,322 USD
Freedom     | 10,681,589 SP | 1,933,367 USD
Pumpkin     |          3 SP |         0 USD
GTG         |    435,462 SP |    78,818 USD
Good-karma  |     41,264 SP |     7,468 USD
Steempress  |     20,110 SP |     3,639 USD
Darthknight |  2,010,816 SP |   363,957 USD
Roelandp    |    218,761 SP |    39,595 USD

Github commit:

Putting the delegation to use with self voting almost immediately. The fluoride has eaten away your brain.

Hey @realalexjones, sorry for that. You’re right, we removed the upvote on the comment. This was by our marketing team to increase visibility for the post, but we’ve removed it now.

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