Announcing steemit survey account ( 50% off rewards from announicing blog will be distribuated to resteemers )

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We are thrilled to announce @steemit-survey , auto refunded survey project ,  we think it will help understand & improve steemit community , it can be use to get the real answer by real people , that's why we think most of the rewards should go back to the people .

There is countless issues that survey can help us understand it and maybe resolve it in general life and in steemit , the voice of survey is actually the voice of mass .

Our vision is to build a strong data base for people choice that can be refer to as trusted , transparent & as accurate as possible .


What are the rules? 

1 - In first weeks 50% of rewards from survey blogs will go directly to participator and distributed equally in STEEM .

2 - You must upvote the survey , answer it in a comment and be a follower of this account to be rewarded .

3 - Your entry will be valid only before payout, any entry after that might not be considered in survey or rewarded .

4 - 50% of rewards from feedback blogs will go to for people who resteem the blog .

How I participate?
1 - follow @steemit-survey
2 - upvote the survey
3 - answer they survey questions in a comment

Some relevant points 

- Because it will take time for survey preparing, data analysis, rewards distribution and announcing the result (feedback) we will start with one survey per week.

- You can contact us at [email protected] or in steemit chat  @steemitsurvey anyone can propose a topic for survey , if accepted by the team , he\she will be a sponsor for that survey .

- currently because the only option for blog reward is 50%\50% and we just started the reward percentage for participators is 50%, we are planing to increase this after we establish steemit survey and accumulate good amount of STEEM in our budget.  


Thank you for reading announcing blog

help us reach other, 50% of rewards from this blog will be distributed equally to those who resteem this blog
to get rewarded please 1 - upvote    2- resteem     3 - comment so we can list you.
finally follow us for next survey about Curation Rewards


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This is an interesting idea, I will give you a follow and see what you do with it :)

Thank you @justtryme90

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Good idea, upvoted, followed, resteemed

Thank you @drcrytpo

Saluton kaj bonvenon !
I look forward reading the questions. Good luck with the survey.

Thank you for support @johano, soon we will start survey

Resteemed, Upvoted and following

Thank you @austrin16

Is the email address in the article correct... "[email protected]" - not Gmail?

I like the idea too Resteemed

Thank you @avarice, now corrected

Looking forward to contributing in the survey

Thank you @motai, soon we will start survey

i think good survey will help steemit community a lot
upvoted, followed and resteemed

Thank you @ araki


Thank you @pilgimtraveler

I like the idea. Upvoted, resteemed and followed.

Thank you @lakshmi

Following you.
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