Steeming Hot Service Update - More Rewards

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@steeming-hot bot has had a few updates.

Update 1

The first update for the bot is the checking of valid posts.
We noticed the other day a nsfw post got a up vote and resteem, @steeming-hot does not want to be promoting these kind of posts so we have put an additional check in.
Along with the regular checks the bot will do it will now also check for nsfw posts and exclude them from the up vote and resteem list.
So to recap these are the checks the bot will perform, and to be a valid post you must pass all these checks:
💩 You must be a follower of @steeming-hot. (Does not apply to delegators and top up voters)
💩 Your reputation must be above 25.
💩 You post must not be nsfw.
💩 Your post must have 1000 characters or more, and the bot won't count HTML, images or links. They get stripped out from the character count.
💩 Your post must be less than 4 days old.
💩 Your post can't have already been resteemed by @steeming-hot, makes sense.
💩 Your post must not have been identified by @cheetah as possible plagiarism.

Update 2

@steeming-hot will be opening up more positions to the selections which get picked for an up vote and resteem.
Currently each day the bot will pick 3 followers, 1 top up voter and 2 delegators. Steeming hot will be increasing these numbers.
Each day the bot will now pick four followers instead of 3. This has been implemented already and will be effective from tonight.
The bot will now also pick 2 top up voters from our winners showcase posts. This will be implemented over the weekend.
Additionally the bot will now pick 3 delegators from the 10 delegator positions available. This will also be implemented over the weekend.

Update 3

I have noticed some of the posts would not be earning enough to be above the dust threshold, so I will be using my personal account @thevillan to upvote each post to ensure they are above the dust threshold. I will do this until the price of steem rises or the bot is powerful enough to do this :)

I hope everyone has been enjoying the bot so far, it will only improve in the future.

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