Simplified Markdown to get you started on steemit and how to make a horizontal rule

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There are lots of not so easy to understand markdown guides, but mine is one that's pretty straightforward and makes beginning using markdown super easy. With all the new steemit users coming onboard I want to make their first post super easy.

Markdown code: Characters to use before and after a word or words to affect how they look


# is equal to 160% text size on on steemit

## is equal to 140% text size on steemit

### is equal to 120% text size on steemit

#### and ##### are recognized but will give you approx 100% text size

Surround you word or words with these characters for effect:

* for italics *
** for bold **
*** for bold and italic ***

Insert images, links, and youtube videos by just copying and pasting the link gives us will result in embeds the youtube video

Quoting can be done with a > at the beginning of a line

Headers can have bold and/or italics effects

use ### *** to begin and *** to end the line

___ or *** or --- gives up a horizontal rule

This abbreviated guide should be able to kick start your posting for new users and clear up some confusion for others. I will keep an eye out for any changes and plan to soon offer an advanced markdown article.

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