I wrote a great article and got downvoted immediately, what is this?!

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So I wrote a pretty informative article and submitted it and watched the new page and now some jackwagon just downvoted it, no eartly clue why. The post was supposed to be motivational but now I'm left pretty demotivated. Anyone care to share their experience.


Could be a down vote bot designed/created by a troll or a person who wants to see the world burn. I see this post has also been down voted by the same individual/bot that down voted your last post. No worries, if they continue to abuse it they will not get very far.

I just signed up this evening, after reading and researching this site for two days. It seemed like a pretty open, friendly, welcoming community, and a good place to write freely without being concerned about my opinions offending anyone. I made some comments on articles I liked (I haven't written my first post yet), and a comment I made on an article I genuinely liked was downvoted by the author of the article! I have no idea why. All I did was tell him how helpful it was to people like me who are new to the platform. Now, I'm wondering if it's as friendly here as I thought. It's not a very great first experience on Steemit. I don't feel very welcomed. I have no idea what I did wrong to make him downvote my positive comment. So, I understand your frustration. I'm still going to write here, but I know now not everyone will be friendly.

Ignore him. You can see his activity here https://steemd.com/@clamps?page=1
I think someone is running a downvote bot.

I upvote U

really unfriendly community, full of american fatasses, if you say something they don't like they will gang up and downvote your post, until it goes down. read my chat log that i've posted, they made fun about jesus and then expect me not to react. I got really pissed because of this ugly b*tch saying this and that about jesus every 30seconds and I literally just want to die when i accidentaly see the picture, you can look it up yourself, @illuminaughti. In conclusion there are lots of frustrated american depressed overweight virgin grandpas, # @kryptik that have nothing to do but downvote posts to prevent others from making any money

Great article!

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