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RE: Important Security Announcement: Steemit CEO Ned Scott

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This article should mention that the Steem protocol (the "coin") was not hacked, nor was any smart contract running on top of the Steem protocol. This hack is a website hack where a hacker stole funds and account credentials, and not a hack on the coin itself, at least according to the best information available when this article was written.


The Steem protocol (the "coin") was not hacked this time . I own steem coins and would like to move them off line to a wallet to store safely but alas I cannot find a wallet if someone knows where , I would appreciate a link .Thanks in advance

Have you looked at Bitshares Openledger? They let you buy and sell OPEN.STEEM that you can then turn into anything of your choice via a service called Blocktrades. You own your own wallet in form of a "brainkey". The Openledger network run on a MIT designed blockchain dubbed Bitshares and is backed by BTS (underlying currency is Bitshares) i am coindup-hasho on OL
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Which also means that a hard fork can't fix it.

I'm glad to see that too. Platform should develop no matter what happens.

Do people with big holding should consider changing their owner's/active keys?

My guess would be whatever key you login with may be compromised, but I have no clue as to the hack details.

The lesson (re)learned is to use a secure password that is difficult to guess. Also, I am hopeful that two factor authentication makes its way here soon.

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