Steemdetective v1.0 is ready to detect!

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Dear Steemians!

I am really happy to ananounce that steemdetective v1.0 is live! You can reach the site here:

Steemdetective is a site which allows you to download all your transactions made on the Steem blockchain and process them.
You can find interactive charts for all your money transactions, votes, and you can also find easily your biggest supporter.
It downloads all your previous transactions and stores them on a local disk, the next time you download it will only download the new transactions.

On the table section, you can download all the transactions and make your own analysis of the selected type, for example all your votes, transfer, comments and many others.

To download all your transactions from the Steem blockchain first it can take 1-3 minutes depending on how active the queried user was.

The limit is currently 100.000 transactions, it can take up to 2-3 minutes to download.

If @steemdetective gets lots of supporters it might be able to buy stronger server and make the limit higher.

Have fun time to use my site!

Do not forget to support our voice.

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Great site. It is so useful. I will use it mostly...

Thanks! Great!

Brilliant!!! I was looking for something like this a couple of weeks ago!!

Thank you! do not forget to share with your friends! :)

A very promising site to track the entire the delegation will work?

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You are asking how can you delegate for @steemdetective ?

Im case you accepting and the delegation is fruitful...

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hoping to see it gets higher and better with everyone

Great work!
Really looking forward to using this along with

Hello great friend happy year 2019 that buno that you continue with us I wish you many successes and that you can continue supporting us you are the best of this great community that you fulfill with all your goals and challenges this new year greetings and success

Thank you my friend!

I am super excited about this!!!!!

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Very interesting and valuable. Good initiative man!

Hey @steemdetective, thanks for building this! This looks like the reporting tool I have been waiting for. But I can't quite find the information I'm looking for yet:

I'd like to export/download all my earnings by year and month since I started (STEEM, STEEM POWER, SBD) - ideally in Fiat value (EUR), but I guess that's too much to ask :)

Is there a way to do that?

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