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What is happening in the world of Steemit right now? The price crashed to a low of $1.89 earlier today!!!

The whale wars continue on and the withdrawal of delegation issues remain an unsolved mystery to the Minnows of Steemit!

So what should we do you ask? Should we abandon a sinking ship?

Well, no. I think we will make it through the other side. There are many whales that keep the Steemit ship afloat and a couple rocking the boat isn't going to topple it over.

Should we jump ship and board another? There are other platofrms that are trying to create an ecosystem like Steemit, but none of them have been a success...yet! You could head over there and check them out but none are really up and running.

I think for now Steemit is where it is at and all this mess will sort itself out one way or another. FUD is always floating around when prices are low and people panick sell.

Just remember this... you came here with nothing, so whatever you have earned in STEEM is a bonus, right?! (Unless you invested fiat money, then that is a whole different issue).

HODL my friends!

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