Random Witness Introduction: @Zeartul - A New Witness Among Us

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@Zeartul, founder of @bellyrub & @bellyrubbank
(Currently Witness Nr. 85)

Why a Random Witness Introduction?

According to @lukestokes more than 80% of all active Steemit Users, who own at least 50SP, have currently not voted for any Witness at all. That´s the reason why I´m going to Introduce some Witnesses from time to time in order to spread the word and encourage fellow Steemians to use their Witness Votes to assure a bright future for Steemit.

@Zeartul as a Witness & on Steemit Overall

(Sources - Steemd.com / @bellyrub / @bellyrubbank)

Today I´d like to introduce you to @zeartul, who set up his Witness less than a week ago and is currently listed as Nr. 85 within our Top 100 Witnesses. He´s still quite new as a Witness, but there are no blocks missed so far, which can for sure be seen as a very good start and sign that his Witness Server is running properly :)

But @zeartul isn´t just a Witness now, no he´s as well running his own Business on Steemit with @bellyrub and @bellyrubbank, which both provide some very nice service to every Steemian out there. Once you may push your votes through the @bellyrub vote bot and after that you could get some very attractive 45% APR by depositing your SBD into @bellyrubbank. For me this looks like a longterm commitment to Steem and therefore a reason to support him as a Witness. (In case you are interested in those two Steemvestment Opportunities themselves, then you might like to check out the Details here.)

@Zeartul in Real Life

(Source - Profile & Blog Posts from @zeartul)

As @zeartul is one of the few witnesses actually posting something about his real life I simply have to include some of it in here to make him more vivid for you. He seems to be very passionate about fitness, which might be encouraged by the fact that his girlfriend is working as an instructor and running her own fitness video-channel (Eventually to be seen on Dtube soon). Further he owns a Doberman named Camilla and got a son at the age of 8 years, who seems to make him very proud. To sum it up, it looks to me like he´s living a healthy and happy family life :)


Vote for your Witnesses NOW!

Steemians, like @zeartul are the ones keeping the Steemit Blockchain up and running. Without their engagement we wouldn´t be able to enjoy this great social Network. That´s why it´s so important for all of us to use our witness-votes in order to assure a bright future for Steemit.

In case you didn´t vote for your Witnesses yet or want to update your current votes,
you may share your love via the link below:


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Upvote, Resteem & Follow me @Steembusiness
(A Proud German Ambassador from & for #Teamaustralia!)


@zeartul is one hell of a Steemian and an excellent witness. I'm a witness as well, and he definitely has my vote. He's someone I aspire to emulate. Sadly, I don't have any coding knowledge, but hopefully I can make up for that with community projects. Kudos to @zeartul, and thank you @steembusiness for highlighting such an awesome contributor to all of us!

Thank you for your very kick ass kind words man! See you on MSP

Thanks for the heads up on these 2 witnesses. I've got over 5,800 SP but haven't voted for anyone yet, so it's helpful. I like to get a good understanding of who is providing the best value for the platform before voting and info like this really helps.

Only one Witness here which is me @zeartul.

My projects are @bellyrub and @bellyrubbank.

Appreciate the vote. :)

Yes, ok. I have followed you and voted you up as witness. I went through the witness stats earlier and voted for a few others too. I like to see good performance, accurate feeds but also good involvement in the steemit community with updates and contributions. If you can tick those boxes then great!

Hey Thank you very much for your vote, Maybe even consider Delegating some of your SP to bellyrub to further it and be able to give more bellyrubs. : )

Don't push your luck ;) I still have mixed feelings about how the whole bot systems are operating. It doesn't quite seem to be in the spirit of the platform. shrug I guess I'm just new and maybe a bit naive.

You´re more than welcome!
I´m glad you took so much value out of the Post :)
You might like to stay tuned for future Random Witness Introductions as there are still many more out there, who are waiting to be presented in this series of mine.

Absolutely. I've followed you now and since I've done some research into witnesses I have a better idea of what to look for.

Thank you for sharing. Will take a closer look at @zeartful and his posts.

I'm pretty new, so still figuring out the witness vote thing. Voted for a couple of people I have had interactions with, and will continue to do so.

Appreciate the intro and will be following you for more insight into the people trying to lead Steem it into the future.

Take your time @mikepm74, the only important thing is that you vote for some Witnesses. You don´t have to put all 30 Votes in right away ;)

I really enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing with us. Enjoy the vote!

Thank you very much :) I´m glad you liked it :)


That good information, the truth I have already spent all my 30 votes to witness and if I have noticed that the majority I have not seen support, are counted with the fingers of the hand, @Steembusiness I will give you the vote and behind me there are 20 people more than They will follow you.

Make sure you set the witness vote for @zeartul and tell your 20+ to do the same, also please have a look at @bellyrub and @bellyrubbank.

Thank you for your great Comment :)
I´m glad that I made you think about the Witness topic once again as it´s really an important one for all of us!

I used @bellyrubbank for an extra income.
I really need some support for my medical needs, this is a great way.
Thanks for this post @steembusiness

Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

Congrats! You're a winner of @msg768's daily giveaway #74. To find out more, click HERE.

This post has received a Bellyrub and 25.43 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @zeartul. Send SBD to @bellyrub with a post link in the memo field to bid on the next vote, every 2.4 hours. Be sure to vote for my Pops, @zeartul, as Steem Witness Hope you enjoyed your bellyrub!

Seems the dark templar is really worthy to be voted as a witness..

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