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When do new accounts get rewarded? 7-Day limt (Author and Curation Rewards) Pros & Cons
No Curation and Author reward? You probably have a new Account and ask yourself why balance still shows 0.00 on rewards and in the wallet. Watch that 2 Minute Video, which will probably sort out your Questions.

If you are new to Steemit you probably asked yourself. Why is it i am already earning , but my rewards (curation and author) and my wallet still show a balance of zero.
This is not a newbie's bubble or some sort of bot and spam protection, though it can function as that.
Your actions, commenting, upvoting or posting content have a 7 day active lifetime, in which you can receive or reward others. It means you have a total of 7 days to promote your content, then you will get your reward and won't earn another penny on it, unless somebody is donating to you.
It has two main effects which i would like to point out:
A pro is that old content is basically been put off the market. Thats a benefit for all new content creators, because you no longer compete with and probably good content, means the chance that youre content is seen and rewarded is a lot higher.
A con is that Steemians are not motivated to post deep, good and high quality content. Like an evergreen which is not getting out of fashion. If i want my content to be seen and get rewarded for 1 year i will put more effort in , as if it is just seen the next week.

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To bypass this, you sign up for your friend on steemconnect so won't be stuck in probation mode...thats what I hear and tried. Paid 15 steem for friend and get to have 15 steem in their wallet to start out. Also takes 7 days, too to see rewards as well. So get active and contribute to make a better community. Wanted to help out some of my friends get onto steemit and show the results of crypto has impact in many of our communities in tech and more!

When do new accounts get rewarded?

Thats definitely a possibility. That topic can be a little bit confusing for new steemians. Basically after 7days were all fine :)

very good videos, nice trailer ☺

Thanks for passing by clixmoney!

Do your posts still stay on your blog after the 7 days?

Yes they do, you still can find them, but won't earn anymore rewards. Sure if your content is really good people will still consider donating to you.

@insipidus - This is good to know....