Steemit Tutorial ► How to benefit from the „promoted“ tab! (2Min Video)

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Promoting a post means investing your Steem Dollar into a blogpost.
What happens then is, that it will show up in the „promoted tab“ which is right next to the „trending tab“.

For a lot of new Steemians and regular minnows almost the only option to show their content to the world is with the „new“ tab. Depending on the key-word you go for, your post is visible for just a couple of minutes. If you worked hours on your blogpost i can almost feel frustration if you notice
If you do have valueable content promoting could be a good option to keep your content a bit longer in the featured tab. that just 3 people watched your content before its lost somewhere in the steemiverse.
Quality always comes first. Why? You are paying for a higher attention. If the quality of your content doesn't meet the expectations its not going to pay out for you.
Compared to normal blogposts a promoted post could lead to several benefits:

► Upvotes could exceed promotion costs
► Increased Followerbase (Future-return)
► Promoted blogposts also have a higher chance to rank in the „hot“ or „trending“

The „promoted“ tab has a simple ranking factor, youre investment. The more you pay compared to others the higher you rank. Upvotes won't increase your ranking, getting flagged a lot would.
After 7days blogposts are taken out of the promoted list.
If youre thinking about promoting youre blogpost, you probably should ask a second person to reveiw your content. Is it worth reading? Is it exciting? Does it engage people to comment?

Hope that helped a little bit see you around.


Thanks for the great tips! Still trying to figure out how this fun new toy works.

the good thing about the promotion tab is that people consider twice if they really want to post the content and even pay for the promotion for sharing it with the community. the new tab has the problem that there is a lot of copy and paste articles, even some copyright violations and solid posts get lost in the shuffle. the creators should consider a post limitation for every account , maybe 2 posts per day and for every additional post the earnings should start to drop.

I definitely agree with you. There is a lot of copyrighted material hijacked and sadly that kinda works out. I don't know a solution for it yet. But that problem will rise, when steemit gets really popular.
Still there are ways to build followers. Interacting with other blogs, showing interest, building community or even friends. Takes time though

Great idea thanks for the tips!

Thank you, thank you, thank you... I am newbie to steemit (started 48hrs ago) and just learned something valuable. I upvoted this post and also resteemed it because its a must know strategy for new jacks on steemit. I appreciate this type of content.

Most of what i learned, i did by jumping into cold water. Glad you like the content. If this blog will be win win, im more than happy! Thanks for tuning in

Great info, thanks so much!!

Youre welcome Alice, good to have you here!

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