SteemBet Weekly Data Report! (8.12)

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Dear Steemians,
Welcome to SteemBet Gaming Platform. In this SteemBet weekly report we will update our project development, stats of game and activities of community. We publish articles on a weekly basis so our users could always stay up-to-date.

Ending the trip to China, the harvest is quite fruitful

The SteemBet team officially ended the Chinese technology sharing and exploration journey, and the team has now arrived at the headquarters safely. This year's technical exploration tour of China, SteemBet team can be described as a great harvest, in addition to the visibility of the Chinese market, but also to gain a large number of strategic partners, including ecological infrastructure, network resources, media platforms. In the future, we will combine these resources to build a huge steem ecosystem.

Community Development

To enrich the community and promote the SteemBet ecological project. Community users are welcome to participate in our SteemBet Community Development Program. By promoting through your own personal media channels, you can win massive SBT token rewards. Active users will receive additional rewards. The SteemBet community will grow with you and win the future.

How to join community activity and earn SBT?

Invite your friend to our Discord server and earn SBT

Starting today, we will reward 150 SBT for every friend you refer to our Discord server. Please contact admin after you have successfully referred a friend.
Discord link:

Write post to introduce SteemBet and earn SBT

We welcome everyone to write posts about SteemBet and share with your friends. You can open your mind and write everything according to your idea.

Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 10, reward 10,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 20, reward 20,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 30, reward 40,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 40, reward 60,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 50, reward 100,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 120, reward 660,000SBT.

Share SteemBet on social media and earn SBT

Share our future posts on social media or Whatsapp/WeChat/Telegram/Discord groups, take a screenshot and leave a comment under any of our posts. Every share will be rewarded 500 SBT.

To see the amount of resteems of your post, you will need to install the Partiko app (most popular Steem mobile app) using this link:

Community Data

There are 2 main community groups in SteemBet, Discord and Telegram.
● Member count of Discord group is:249
Discord link:
● Member count of Telegram group is:63
Telegram link:

SteemBet Official Website
E-mail:[email protected]
Official Discord Group:
Official Telegram Group:


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