SteemBet Weekly Data Report! (6/17)

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Dear Steemians,

Welcome to SteemBet Gaming Platform. In this SteemBet weekly report we will update our project development, stats of game and activities of community. We publish articles on a weekly basis so our users could always stay up-to-date.

System update and Optimization

In the past week, we successfully completed the system upgrade. After this upgrade, users will get a better experience during the betting dice. The token return efficiency has been improved, and users can get the results and game tokens in the first time after participating in the game. At the same time, we also optimized the display system of the interface, and the game will take up less network resources during the running process. If you encounter any problems during game playing, you are welcome to join our Discord community to give feedback to the administrator. We will Follow up for a while.
Discord link:

Customer Service

In order to provide quality customer service, we have opened a series of rich communication channels. If users encounter any problems during the use of the platform, we welcome feedback from us through various community media channels, and we will provide you with the service as soon as possible. At the same time, everyone is welcome to make suggestions and comments on our platform. thank you for your support.
E-mail:[email protected]
Official Discord Group:
Official Telegram Group:

Dividends Distribution Launch Delay

Because of development and testing, we found that the daily dividend system did not pass during the stress test. Engineers need to optimize the multi-threaded concurrent performance provided, so it takes some time to get online. Please keep patience. We will limit the daily dividend system after the system is confirmed. The current dividend is accumulating, and the user only needs to pledge. SBT tokens can participate in dividends. In the future, our dividend system will be divided according to the SBT staking, so stay tuned. Thank for your patience.

Community Development

How to join community activity and earn SBT?
Invite your friend to our Discord server and earn SBT
Starting today, we will reward 150 SBT for every friend you refer to our Discord server. Please contact admin after you have successfully referred a friend.
Discord link:

Write post to introduce SteemBet and earn SBT

We welcome everyone to write posts about SteemBet and share with your friends. You can open your mind and write everything according to your idea.

Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 10, reward 10,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 20, reward 20,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 30, reward 40,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 40, reward 60,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 50, reward 100,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 120, reward 660,000SBT.

Share SteemBet on social media and earn SBT

Share our future posts on social media or Whatsapp/WeChat/Telegram/Discord groups, take a screenshot and leave a comment under any of our posts. Every share will be rewarded 500 SBT.

To see the amount of resteems of your post, you will need to install the Partiko app (most popular Steem mobile app) using this link:

Community Data

There are 2 main community groups in SteemBet, Discord and Telegram.
Member count of Discord group is:255
Discord link:
Member count of Telegram group is:57
Telegram link:

Game Data

● Number of bets this week:7848
● Trading volume:7237.157 STEEM, 82.622 SBD
● Total Number of Users:1435

SteemBet Official Website

SteemBet Official Discord server

SteemBet Official Telegram Group


Please I made a bet yesterday and wasn't replied. What was the outcome of my bet?

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The tokens were back to your balance. Please check.

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it actually wasn't returned and you can check my wallet to confirm.

You guys are bad! Pay your dividends as promised plus interest!

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