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I have been becoming more and more interested in politics and the state of the world (and internet freedoms) recently as I'm sure many people who are investing in cryptocurrencies are as well. I am embarrassed to say that I have been ignorant as to many of the ways the government is stifling information and even potentially committing atrocities in order to keep certain information private.


Aaron Swartz and I hold many of the same ideals and the more I learn about him the more I want to emulate him. He helped found the Progressive Change Campaign Committee who helped elect Elizabeth Warren (one of the few good human beings in the senate) and other decent politicians but I am saddened to see a clear drop in activity, transparency, openness, and sincere will to do good anymore now that Aaron is no longer here to keep them honest. I also tried to join their cause but was unable as there are no "positions" available? How can a grassroots movement not have room for more grass?

I want to make it clear that I personally would most likely be classified as a progressive or libertarian if someone had to put me in a box, I am not sure that I fit this description perfectly so let me just briefly give my ethos: I believe in aspects of capitalism and see the benefits of competition and how it brings forth innovation. Where I don't see the benefits are in social programs. Personally I don't believe that a corporation or business in general is evil, quite the contrary given the means I too would start a business, but what you must objectively understand is that for a business to exist they must generate profit. This is fine for most businesses like televisions, electronics, glasses, and other consumer goods. I do not consider healthcare, housing, food, water, education or security as consumer goods, instead I view them as God given rights (not from any particular religion just in the grand sense).

We are all just people, and while it may seem like the world is set in stone it is not. People like Aaron Swartz knew that and they paid the price for it. To let their mantle die with them is a disservice to their memory and I plan to continue the fight for equality in the world. I will fight for freedom of information and a more fluid class system where people aren't relegated to particular lifestyles based on availability of jobs or an oppressive government.


How can the world be fair when there is an OBESITY epidemic in America while 21,000 people die every single day due to starvation, with most of them being children. Food doesn't need a price tag anymore. We can save thousands of people and educate millions more.

I am a relatively new Steemit user but I have been filled with this fire now and I truly want to start a movement. I searched the internet for activist groups or communities that I could organize with but these are all very selective groups (crazy how a nonprofit wants only college grads) so I am going to start a movement that anybody can join. Where you are not limited by your education or standing in life but one that is governed by merit and ideas. This idea is in it's infancy but please talk to me, tell me what you see wrong with the world and lets use steemit to solve these problems!

This group wont be for Democrats or Republicans but Americans. Anybody who believes that the Constitution and Bill of Rights exist not to tell the government what it can not do (because if that was the case it would be much longer) but they simply say what the government can do, and that essentially God given rights are possessed by all living creatures and that the rules we all follow are just temporary ideas on how to solve something, and that should never be set in stone.

One of Aaron Swartz favorite songs (according to this documentary it was his self proclaimed theme song) was by Fiona Apple, called Extraordinary Machine.
These are some of the lyrics that I fell in love with:

"I notice that my opponent is always on the go
Won't go slow, so's not to focus, and I notice
He'll hitch a ride with any guide, as long as
They go fast from whence he came
But, he's no good at being uncomfortable, so
He can't stop staying exactly the same"

The song really speaks to how Aaron truly felt that the greatest thing he could do with his life was to hold an open mind, be accepting of new ideas and understand that nothing stays the same.

I have been avoiding the topic of Aaron's death because it was ruled a suicide and personally I find the circumstances beyond strange, I will allow you to come to your own conclusion. Personally I am somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. If anyone is familiar with the rash of japanese businessmen dropping dead from essentially exhaustion, it has a name and is called "Karoshi" that is what I lean towards.

So please if you value free speech and want to join a group of people who don't have to be like minded but have a drive to change the world and make it a better and more equal place for everyone to live in then please leave a comment and start a discussion, let's figure out what we want to be, what we want to do and how we can do it. We have a great network of caring people and the means to fund powerful social change with steemit. Let's change the world. Anybody can join and everyone is important it doesn't matter age , race, gender or social class, we are all humans who want to change the world and that makes you special, not many people know how powerful their voice can be. We need every single one of you. Even if it's just you and me, we can do more together than alone!

First things first anyone have any suggestions on what we should call ourselves and a good way to begin organization?

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Thanks for sharing. I am just getting started in a lot of the topics that you discuss and like many of the ideas you presented. Unfortunately at the moment I don't have any suggestions on a name, I will think about it.

Fantastic should I consider you my first member? Can't wait to get to know you guys and what you want to do to change this world we live in for the better.

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Welcome to Steemit! I wish you a good day and inspiration to create in our community! Please follow me :)

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