[steem: witness] need 3 links to campaign, supporters and anti-supporters for each candidate.

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[steem: witness] need 3 links to campaign, supporters and anti-supporters for each candidate.

( https://steemit.com/steemit/@steamsteem/steem-witness-need-3-links-to-campaign-supporters-and-anti-supporters-for-each-candidate )
2018.03.28.Wed.03:52 (utc+9) by steamsteem

At my feed page, I found a post of my early steem stage following, and made a comment.
(https://steemit.com/witness/@jerrybanfield/steem-witness-roadmap-for-jerrybanfield-in-2018#@steamsteem/re-jerrybanfield-steem-witness-roadmap-for-jerrybanfield-in-2018-20180327t185735439z )

It is one of a few things I wanted to make posts about on steem.
Here I will add, elaborate and polish to improve it.


Hi Jerry Banfield,

I am relatively new steemian who first, maybe not the very first but at my early steem recognition stage, saw steem from your youtube introduction and applied account for steem.

Thank you for guiding me to steem.

And here in your post too, I learn a great point or an attitude which I have never paid attention to, but which would be very influential to me afterwards.

Thank you for it too.

In steem witness voting page https://steemit.com/~witnesses,
I think that there should be some campaign link of the candidate's philosophy or propaganda etc, and 2 links for supporters' and anti-supporters' discussion pages , so that voters can see and decide.

I started to think about it since I found out that some witnesses are against my fundamental philosophy and political and economical viewpoint for steem's future, and we should know before vote about their basic philosophy and the directions they are inclined for.

If you help such 3 links added to each witness in the witness page, it would be great and I would thank you for it again.

2018.03.28.Wed.03:52 (utc+9) by steamsteem

(to Koreans,
Please don't call krguidedog. This is written by Korean, and will be translated into Korean later.
I am scared of the dog.

한국 스팀인들께,
제발 kr안내견 부르지 마세요. 나 한국인이고, 이글은 한국어로 나중에 번역될 것입니다.
그 개 무서워요. )

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