Biggest Upvoters 23/3/2018 - Part II

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This post provides statistics on the biggest upvoters and upvotes in the latest 12 hours (up to 3 hours ago). The last 3 hours are excluded to allow posts to build up rewards.

The purpose of this report is to inform the Steemit community of who are the biggest upvoters on a day-to-day basis and give the community a feel for how much of the total payouts comes from the most significant upvoters.

The first table below shows the top 10 upvoters in the last 12 hours, what % of their upvote was for their own posts and what % was awarded to other authors. The value shown is the dollar (Steem backed) value of the upvote. I also include the total value of all pending payouts during the same period, which allows the % of total pending payouts coming from the top upvoters to be calculated.

Table 1 - Top 10 Upvoters

UpvoterValue of UpvotesValue (self vote)Value (other authors)Number of Upvotes% of total pending payouts

The second table shows the top 10 upvotes in the last 12 hours. Self votes are excluded from this list.

Table 2 - Top 10 Upvotes

UpvoterPost LinkAuthorValue of Upvote% of total pending payouts

About the Data

  • The data is sourced from
  • The upvote value represents the SBD value of the upvote
  • The upvote value is based on pending payouts so the split between author/curator is not available

Thank you for you reading.

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