Alex Jones and Infowars banned from big Social Media. USE STEEMIT!

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Alex Jones and his Infowars Channel are being removed from various major websites eg Facebook, Youtube etc. And this all happens within less than 24 hours and we are supposed to believe it's just random. I watched Infowars since 2005ish and I can guarantee you not much has changed at Infowars and the statements they make. But much has changed at google/youtube, facebook etc. Before google bought youtube you could have huge playlists of copyrighted music with not much happening to stop you from listening to them, after google gets in there is a grace period and then it starts slowly some videos disappear from playlists and as time passes this grows and grows, eventually people get threatened for uploading certain content and even have channels suspended or deleted. Now Alex Jones gets deleted, again he hasn't done anything he hasn't been doing for like over a decade on these platforms so why act now?
Because there is a push for it from US Senators, MSM Media like cnn, and also because he is a Conservative and a major Trump supporter and not politically correct. There are so many factors that come into why they acted against him but hate can't be it because Alex is a lover not a hater and anybody who has watched his show would know this.

Since these deletions the infowars app goes from 40something to #4 in downloads even ahead of cnn. Now cnn is pointing this out on it's website which basically is it calling for the infowars app to be removed as well, basically saying that the same hate spewed on their youtube etc. can be found in their app. Cnn probably is pissed at Trump for sticking the term "Fake News" on them, a term the media wanted to use to attack opponents in politics, so now they try to label Infowars as fake news. Viewers of Infowars know to be careful with any and all media including Infowars.

Freedom of speech doesn't exist so we can sit in la la land surrounded by people who say things we like & agree with, such things don't need protecting, it exists to protect the things we don't agree with. Alex Jones' opponents could have easily stayed away from his channel if they didn't like it's content but they go there anyways and not just that they know that his channel has many truths in it, often he exposed things before the msm media picked it up, sometimes they gave him credit sometimes not, even going even so far as to bury stories for months just so they can avoid giving him credit when they finally reveal them. You lose the debate so you ban your opponent, GENIUS, not really. Now they will use the "He was once on the banned infowars show" stigma against Ron Paul, Trump etc.

The issue is not if we like Alex Jones or not the issue is freedom to say what you want as long as you don't threaten anybody.
Mr Jones built his media platform over the course of more than 2 decades, he has invested time, money and energy and now it is under attack by political opponents pushing political correctness, lgbtq etc. and other forms of thought who don't want resistance. Alex always said infowars is the tipp of the spear. They intend to break off the tipp so that their opponents are left with a mangled stick.
These bans also underline the importance of alternative platforms like Steemit, Dtube etc. Flag wars aside it's very difficult to ban anybody here. The censorship practiced by big social media companies will in the end be their own downfall because users don't want to be reprimanded and treated like children. Also many reprimands make no sense, there is no shortage of islamic terrorist material on youtube sometimes up for a long time and surely it received flags and it just remains there and Alex Jones gets banned, it makes no sense.

Ultimately it is up to me, you and all users of the internet to reject the big companies push towards a nanny environment on the internet and the best way of doing this is by leaving these webistes and going to alternatives like Steemit. The value in youtube is YOU. Without YOU youtube is finished and the same goes for all websites.
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Fully agree.
Maybe he isn´t aware.
Henry Ford once told people: Even if he would have a drawer at his desk with free bars of gold as giveaways, nobody would take them if nobody knows :)
Anybody knows Alex personally to tell him about Steemit and lure him in?

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