Random Downvotes - why tho?

in #steemit3 years ago

Been offline for some while due to sickness and a lot of obligations.

Now I am back and the first thing I see are some random downvotes by @mmmmkkkk311 and @mk-sports-token, nice thanks :D really motivating haha

Nevermind, will be posting some new Price Analysis of mine soon again! @sulepower stay tuned my price prediction downwards is coming to an (potentially immediate) end soon ;)



When you use sbi, you get foenboyes from him/her

Thanks for the info!

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Yeps. Its because of sbi x)

Good to know, I didn't know people have a problem with SBI :D

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They dont.
But mmmmkkkk311 view it as a bitbot xD

Yeah as other people stated, some has a problem with SBI, and even though he's got a stake of 160k Steem Power I don't think it's enough to kill it.

I get downvoted now and then but meh.

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