Less of this "###" and more of this "<>" - The Key for Steemits future Growth?!

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So I read this Comment on Steemit talking about how we can rank higher on Google saying:

 Less of this ### and more of this <>

This kind of hit me ans I thought about it for a minute.

Steemit was designed with the idea of freedom in the way we monetize our followings, but also the ability to create HTML content as good as we can program. And we are all using it to a minimum, some even not at all.

What's the big deal?

To create headers, lists or write in bold or cursive on Steemit we have to freedom and for some burden to create appealing content.

You can do this using HTML code as I did or using things like this "**" or this ### .

The effect is the same, but it appears that Google processes it differently. Please correct me if I am wrong and it doesn't influence SEO rankings.

The key difference is what Google and other search engines see: Rich HTML content or just simpe text?

But I cannot Program...

Well you dont actually have to be able to program these days. All you need is a Converter converting designed text into HTML code which yiu just copy and paste.

I will search for a great tool and share here my experiments.

Let me know if you do the same or even have a nice tool?

If you are more interested in the technical possibilities check out @snug and his Post on Steemit.

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Uso Sublimetext convierte markdown en html y mucho más. Saludos

Good point, Have it already installed so might as well use it for this ;)

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I use some html. But some days ago I wanted my text to stay in the middle and I couldn't find the right code. So its a bit weird xD

I just cannot find a solution to this problem! The "

" tag for whatever reason appears to not work anymore and without CSS I cant find a satisfying alternative :/ sorry

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