3 Months

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So I havent been here in a little over 3 months. I'm not even sure why I'm even writing this blog considering the fact my adblocker blocked 34 advertisements and the price of a Steem token is $0.26, I'm not sure if I'll ever come back.

It doesn't seem like there is anything left here to celebrate. I suppose bots are still voting for themselves and game play has consumed the thought of content reward and promotion of ideas or free expression. Group dynamics run amuck. Thanks Steemit, it was a ride.


On the positive side, the bot activity seems to be dying out, and because the Steem price dropped so low, and I've been grinding so hard, that I'm very close to hitting dolphinhood! Don't be a stranger, dear man. ❤️

On, and a !tip steem for the road...

So now that I've drained my wallet dry maybe I'll buy back in seeing as how the price has dumped. If I ever get settled somewhere I mihht find more time for this madness. Stay strong woman, move that trembling body of yours as much as you can. Miss ya

Hey, I never thought I'd invest money into this platform (or invest, period), and this dip actually changed my mind, and if I had any more cash I could afford to lose, I'd buy more. I hope you find a place you can happily put down roots, so that you can hang out here more than from time to time. Thanks so much, dear man, and I miss you too. 🤗

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