ULTRA-RARE STEEM Trading Card Game Nomination Round: Anarchapulco Edition

in #steemit2 years ago

Hello there people,

I'll make this nomination round short... why?

Simply because I don't believe that I need to explain what I'm doing anymore as all my 1700+ followers know the drill by now.


For those that may be passing by, this is my weekly nomination round for my STEEM Trading Card game.

For this edition, my nomination rules are a bit different.


This card is going to be a SPECIAL EDITION ANARCHAPULCO batch.

As such, you can rest assured it will be something special.

However, with added editing, rarity and value comes a bigger restriction on nominations.

Here's what you need to do in order to be nominated:

  • This time, I only accept self-nominations;
  • You have to possess over 5000 STEEM POWER;
  • You have to post a picture of you in Anarchapulco.

If you meet these three requirements, then comment below with your picture and I'll review it... hopefully, it's a free pass towards getting a mighty legendary from this special edition.

Anarchapulco Edition Commons: Not Everyone Can Be A Legendary

Finally, if you are in Anarchapulco and you want to nominate yourself through the method lined up above but you DON'T have 5000 STEEM POWER, you can still do it, no matter how small you are.

You're going to be a common though. Sorry :P

Ok guys, so this is it.

Don't forget to tell all your friends who are in #Anarchapulco about this.



Just flew over it as I am heading out again now but I resteem it for greater visibility. :)

Too bad, I missed the time window for free flauwy ambassadorship on the event grounds :D

I found it through your resteem @flauwy :D I'll do the same :D Looking forward to the special edition!

Great looking cards, sitting out on this one.

Thanks... yeah, it's a hard one... let's see if I get any nomination :P

I'm just a minnow. I still have to look at price tags! lol. But I really like this idea. Who knows these cards could be crypto collectors items. :). Joy

I'm definitely considering making a full blown project out of these, but Im probably going to keep them free :D

Guess your rules mean Mrs @welshstacker cant be nominated

Is she in Anarchapulco?

That's nice. They still may be very valuable later. :)

Heheh, who knows :P

Very interesting. Hopefully I can be a part of it. Hoping to be one of the nominees. Hoping very much

Maybe next week... this week is only for people from Anarchapulco :D

How to be part of this Anarchapulco .. ??

I like it. Can we purchase the cards?

Show me the money :D

Ooohh will be interested who will be the people that will have a legendary card!

Let's see if the nominations eventually come :P

Weak! I wanted to be a version of your card this week lol

Plenty of time to get to Anarchapulco :P

such a jack ass lol... comedy :)

Oooh.. looking forward to this... ^

Me too, if we get even 1-2 guys it will be worth it :D

Hey there Max!

These Limited Edition Cards looked so stunning that I might burn some money for it. Amazing work out there!


Im starting to have a lot of people telling me that... I'm gonna have to sell them soon :P