STEEMIT Trading Card Game 3: Nominate Some Whales

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Another edition of my weekly Steemit Trading Card Game post is going to happen soon, and today it's time to say what "Whale" would you love to immortalize in a Magic the Gathering's style card

(Taken from the 1st Edition Post)

Another week has passed, and now I'm going to work on the 3rd Edition, so I'm again collecting nominations.

I had a LOT of work for the last batch, so I'm reducing the amount of nominations for this one to 10!

The post will be open until 10 people are nominated.

Below you can find the rules to this week's nominations.

Here are the Rules for the Nominations:

This week, I am demanding that the nominated "whales" should fulfill these prerequisites:

  • Over 10,000 Steem Power
  • Over 60 Reputation

While this is way below the definition of Whale, it's also a respectable status, and so if you know someone with both these things you would like to see become a Steemit Trading Card, drop the nomination.

You can also nominate yourself if you fill these requisites and if you would like to see yourself as a card.

To nominate, simply do it down in the comments section, and I'll validate the nominations per time of arrival.~

Here are the nominations so far:

1 - @surpassinggoogle (nominated by @maverickinvictus);
2 - @anarchyhasnogods (nominated by me)
3 - @damarth (nominated by @golddeejay)
4 - @broncnutz (nominated by @mikeshuh)
5 - @ats-david (nominated by @rawdawg)
6 - @lindsaybowes (nominated by @amymya)
7 - @quinneaker (nominated by @amymya)


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@ats-david has my vote.

Block-change you can believe in!


I, 2nd this vote




Thanks for the nomination.
@ats-david will now be immortalized in card form.

i am nominating @damarth. I think he came in as an investor but caught the steemit fever. He is now adding value to the community and imparting on people with his contents and of course upvotes.


@damarth is now going to be in card form as well.
Thank you

I'd nominate the OG @broncnutz . That guy makes some of the funniest videos around, actually leaves comments and upvotes, and definitely meets your criteria.


@broncnutz is now going to be part of the Steemit Trading Card game!

Might be cool to look at those whales that know how to throw a punch or two. From a card game perspective anyway. The cards could give new perspective to these epic battles. You do seem to have a few of the big hitters up there already, cool, and I thing quite brave as well. They are a rather capricious bunch as far as I can gather.


I have a lot of the big hitters already, I got flagged on my most heavy hitters post :D

Hey Max,
What about @lyndsaybowes and @quinneaker?
Take care,
<3 @amymya


Both are Approved!
@lyndsaybowes and @quinneaker are becoming Steemit Trading Cards.

I did this and Sarge gave me a task to do push ups and squats but I am a grunt that is hard headed!

I nominate a @surpassinggoogle card.

In the Filipino Community he is one of the first people mentioned when you are new to Steemit. He has done a lot of promoting steem activities as well as giving upvotes to new people.

He has the witness @steemgigs which aims to provide an alternative way of earning to the masses. His favorite tag line is everyone has something to offer



Nomination Accepted.

@surpassinggoogle will be immortalized :D

Oh man! A new crop of people for me to stalk

Illuminati confirmed.

I actually don't know anyone with that steem power so i gonna go with @anarchyhasnogods what a long name! Lol


I already nominated him :)

I think a good one to be nominated would be @taskmaster4450. He does a lot to help others on here.


Hello there,

@taskmaster4450 was already featured.



wow, great. Thank u