Investment Advice: Not Investment Advice - Entertainment Only

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Hello there guys,

Today I bring you a piece of Investment Advice - NOT Investment Advice, for entertainment purposes only.

Well, of course I'm playing around with these words since so many experts obviously give investment advice only to say it's not what they're doing, but the part where I talk about investments is true...

...and I'm liking the investment part of my "crypto-carreer".

So, if you are a cryptopreneur and you want a leg up on what's working for me, then this post is for you.

Passive Income Tokens: Crushing Numbers

Passive income tokens are great, and I don't mean "crushing numbers" as in "let's do the math" meaning, but on the "OMG THESE NUMBERS ARE HUGE THIS IS GREAT" meaning instead.

Steem is one of these tokens, of course, as you hold SP and generate an income out of it.

Like my friend @underground says:

"The reward you get for the inflation alone CRUSHES savings account or any traditional investment you may have on the outside world" - Undie for President 2k18

Now, what he says is true, so bear in mind that you can even sell the votes for the SP you hold or delegate it away for a premium.

This means you'll get around 1% interest on your owned SP on a WEEKLY basis... that's a HUGE CRUSHING number.

Do you have a savings account? Liquidate it and put it online, you'll bank extra hard with it - Entertainment Purposes Only, No Investment Advice Given :P

There are more Passive Income Tokens out there, like that big one for instances, that pays you on GAS. (you know what Im talking about, the token that was responsible for every whale's fortune).

But if you don't know them, just google "Paid to Hodl" and you'll get a list of those tokens.

Great Airdrops Vs Trash Airdrops:

Airdrops, they are everywhere.

In fact, my Discord inbox is FLOODED with them from every single shitcoin dev on the face of this Earth.

There's a difference between Trash Airdrops and good ones though.

I'd rate trash tier those that reward you in unproven, whitepaper only shitcoins, and rate as a good airdrop tokens that are either pegged at another token (much like the SMTs will be), or have a functioning product.

Others may even have meaningful uses guaranteed, like the SteemHUNT token.

You'll get very little from getting airdroped shitcoins - trust me, you'll get less than your time signing up for them is worth.

On the other hand, these great airdrops I'm talking about have a great potential, potential you shouldn't let slip through your fingers - after all, it's free!

Understanding Game Economies: @steemmonsters | Bitsfarm | Entropia Universe | EOS games etc...

So another thing you have to do is understand that with the crypto concept and the virtual cash economies based games, what used to be an entertainment only practice now has its own economy.

Games now have a parallel economy that involves even more people than those who actively play the game.

Games are now a source of income rather than just a source of fun.

I trust @steemmonsters will give many people a lot of money, while others will spend a lot more than they earn - that's how economy works.

Remember that money isn't created out of thin air most of the times, it just shifts from one hand to another, so understand who parts with their money to get a grip on how to earn it.

For instances, in Entropia Universe people have to pay a fee to the owner of the land in order to hunt there and loot the monsters' bodies - that's why I bought land.

I found out where the money leaked from and bought the other hand.

Now, with Steem Monsters I wager you can earn a good deal by playing and getting really good at it, scoring the tournaments and whatnot.

What I also anticipate is that those who work the markets and "sell the shovels" for others to quest for gold are the ones who'll bank the hardest.

Stock up on those legendaries.

In Conclusion: Money is Online and Onchain!

To sum it all up, in continuation to my previous post, I really have to say that it makes no sense not to have a huge percentage of your investment money online and onchain... that's where the good investments are.

We're on a kind of "Age of Abundance" here that only a chosen few participate in at the moment, but that number will increase I'm sure...

...and that means profitability will probably decrease with time, so make sure you milk your investment fund right!

Get to work!

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Remember that money isn't created out of thin air most of the times, it just shifts from one hand to another, so understand who parts with their money to get a grip on how to earn it.

The most important lines written in your blog..worth noting..!!

Happy to see you back on Steemit @spiritualmax! Always have and still following you with pleasure. Nice article upvoted and resteemed.

I have already received some BitShares AirDrops and am HODLing all three Dan coins, it's nice to have an investment which pays every now and than :)

LOL, I gotta clarify, and the TAX-MAN @eonwarped filled me in, that the Inflation rates of !8% this year and ~7% next year, (but it decreases by less than 1% per annum) This Steem-Flation does not ALL c go into our wallets, just about 1% annually. In fact, I looked at my Steem Hunt DELI and it had grown by .3% in a quarter, which would be about 1.2% APR... So it's less than the full rate of Inflation, but at least "the system" DOES give us part of that, directly in our wallets and SP vaults.
Thanks for the Mention!