I'm Getting Married Thanks to STEEM: First Update - 6% Funds Raised

in steemit •  6 months ago

Hello there!

As you know, I'm going to cash out my SBD rewards until I get my wedding paid, leaving all SP on my accounts and SP rewards on them as well.

Today I didn't quite know what to write about, and I had spent some time doing the math on expenses and what I already had, and what I'm waiting to withdraw (doing it when price gets a little better) so I thought...

...since you guys are paying for it...

That it would be nice to give you an update on how it looks like.

So far, 2.94% of it is paid. I started withdrawing one week or so ago, so it isn't looking bad.

Here's How My Progress Looks Like:

So far, from the total cost of $20 000 I was able to save up $1260.

That's roughly 6% as the USD numbers aren't what I get or the cost, but approximates because the cost is in Euros and so I also convert what I get to Euros...

This means there's only 94% to go.

On the other hand, I also have 400 SBD and 100 STEEM ready to withdraw, I'm now waiting for the SBD and STEEM price to increase before cashing those out.

It's getting real, that STEEM will have a real-life impact on my expenses... which is different since up to this point I wasn't withdrawing a thing, so I never had this experience of witnessing results from the blockchain materialize on my wallet.

It's good, but at the same time I get pissed my SP pool isn't growing because of it... but you can't have both things.

However, this makes me think I'll be back to powering up sooner than I expected, if only prices keep on being at the $4 level throughout the rest of the year.

What's the Source of This Income? The Blockchain! You Guys!

Now, where does all of this come from?

From the blockchain!

But how does the blockchain know what to pay me? It's you guys!

By voting on my posts, you have been donating and supporting this endeavor... you have been paying for my wedding one vote at a time, and that is simply magical.

Not only that, @foxyspirit, @bluntsmasha and an anonymous donor also wired me gifts of, summing them up, 9.1 SBD.

I already thanked them for it and they know I mean it.

This update should make YOU see that STEEM does have the strenght to impact your own life, and that what you can get out of it has to do with how much value and hard work you put in.

Let's face it, bots are giving people more losses than ever before, and if once they were profitable and after this period they were "break even", they now give you MASSIVE LOSSES, so you can't blame bots for enriching people anymore.

Only your friends, audience and readers can enrich your account, and its up to you to provide them with value.

Do it often and prove it to them you're willing to put in the hard work.

How Will I Repay the Blockchain?

By continuing to believe it in, no many how many months Hard Fork 20 continues to be late, no matter how manual signups suck, no matter the limitations.

I have always tried my best at making the blockchain succeed, and I'm proud of it.

I supported what I considered to be good initiatives, even though some failed to take off the ground, I created communities, made DBooks "best seller" (shameless self-promotion) and took actions to enrich the blockchain...

...but I didn't do it just from the kindness in my heart!

I know that by investing in the blockchain, the blockchain would reward me.

All in all, the best advice I can give you guys is:

  • Forget about competition here, we are all in the same boat and what separates success from failure is if the Boat gets to a good port or sinks in the process.

Let's take STEEM towards bountiful shores!

Gifts: Anonymous Donor - 5 SBD | @foxyspirit - 3 SBD | @bluntsmasha (New Donor, Thanks!! 1.1 SBD)
Have to Cash Out: 131 SBD
Cashed Out: 1260 USD
Total Wedding Cost: 20,000 USD

Still Missing: 18,740 USD

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Hope you reach your goal! I'll give ya a little boost too. Anonymously.


Noted! I'll not mention thy name :D

Congrats! Also hoping for some appreciation in the Steem price, seems like only last week people were feeling bullish and now prices have gone stagnant again.

I’m sure our time will come soon!


Yeah, I don't know about the "soon" part... may take some 4 months...

Hope you reach your goal!


Thank you for the donation through that bot vote Sames, you're the best monk!


No problem :)

Congrats. Great way to look at the platform. An ability to save through effort to achieve short and long term goals.

I am going to start a similar thought process to save for a new SUV. Life continues to move forward and I will need a larger vehicle in the next year :P.


New family member? Best of luck! Cheers!

Good going Max! I'll donate after my charity because I am putting everything I got to cash out donations there.

I believe in the platform as well and have been using my time here wisely building up connections, SP and networking like you do!

Forget about competition here, we are all in the same boat and what separates success from failure is if the Boat gets to a good port or sinks in the process.

We are all in this together.


I've been a bit off, thanks to the price drops my attention was worth more elsewhere... I'll post about it today.

Thanks for the support Mav... I'll be here to support you as well, part of the magic of the blockchain, creating our own "crypto" gangs :P

Congrats on your wedding, my upvotes not worth much but you can have it! God bless you and your new growing family.


Thank you, every upvote counts as it translates in a bit more on the weddings saving account :)


The only thing i can do is to upvote you to add my contribution for your marriage! and Pray to God that you have a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE!


Thank you very much for your support! Means a lot that people are showing me they're willing to help out :D Steem rules.

Wow, congratulations to you
Another blockchain wedding here💖💖


Congratulations to you as well then, may you be happy as well :D

You got a 41.82% upvote from @lrd courtesy of @sames!
We are offering 100% earnings for our delegators + 15% curation rewards for the largest delegator and 5% of curation rewards are burnt.

Delegate Now

...since you guys are paying for it...

technically u are by, delegating something to me :P
but am glad to support Ur wedding is nice to see " small" users can use steemit on something in real life. when to big boys are Powering down is only lambos there.


Yeah, Im a small Steemian and I already notice a lot of help from the tokens... on the other hand, the prices are down... if they would go to about $6 it would be really good!

You are most welcome my friend.

The only competition I see is when it comes to contests. But even then people encourage each other.

Only your friends, audience and readers can enrich your account, and its up to you to provide them with value.

That's right. And also providing the same to them.


The bad thing about cashing out the SBD part is your SP kind of freezes... meeeh.


I had no idea that the SP freezes. How long does it freeze for?


You can only withdraw the SP for a period of 13 weeks... the power down.

Wow such an awesome story. To get to see the blockchain actually paying for real live Life events is inspiring.

Thanks for sharing and congrats and hope the wedding is fantastic :) :)


Everyone in STEEM now will experience the help the platform can give them once the prices rise to $10... eventually!

Hey Max! Congratulations on your future wedding and that you will be able to pay for most of it with steem that is just wonderful!! I wish the best for you


Thanks Ceci! Much love <3