Crypto Empire Update: New Embassies (Steem Communities)

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Hello there,

Today I bring you an update on my community, the Crypto Empire.

As you know, we've got a lot of community embassies and all of the blockchain's best communities are represented in our Discord server.

Well, today we have 2 more joining the ranks.

We're talking about @kiwibot and @cryptowithincin .

As usual, let us share something about these two communities or services as they open their own space inside the Crypto Empire community.

IncInBot: Meet this Subscription Based Community

With over 50 subscribers already, this subscription based bot wanted to open up its own embassy in the hopes of further reaching the Steemians around the blockchain.

They've recently posted a blog entry on what they are aiming for and how the system works.

If you want to take a look, here's the link:

Our Discord server now has representatives of this community so hop on over if you want to chat or contact them.

KiwiBot: Another Subscription Based Service!

It seems we went off recruiting for subscription based bots, but in reality it's just a coincidence that these two joined at the same time... perhaps a signal that a new generation of steemians is arriving.

KiwiBot explains how everything works right here on their last post:

They've just posted their opening info on the walls of their embassy and the bot's owner is available there to clear any doubt you might be having.

Reach him out if you have any questions on your services.

This bot is also partnered with MoonBot and STAX.

In Conclusion: Ambassy Recap!

To recap, here are the embassies we currently have on the Empire's Discord Server:

  • Slothicorn;
  • Steem Silver Gold;
  • Steem Engine;
  • SmartSteem;
  • Minnowbootcamp;
  • Bumper;
  • SteemitBC;
  • NewbieResteemDay;
  • IncInBot;
  • Kiwi Bot.

If you want to request an embassy for your community, simply join the discord server and ask me by clicking through the "Join the Crypto Empire Community" link below.

Join the Crypto Empire Community


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