How Do You Prove Your Steemit Account Is Really You??? Give Your Followers Faith That Your Not A Catfish Account Made From Google Images And Youtube Reblogs.

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I Like To Get Real On This Shit...... This Is Me. A True Steemian.

Photo Tour Of An Actual Steemian.

Me ( @spbesner )

This is my girl ( @jcaxo83 )

My girl and me have been together off and on now for over 12 years now. We have a daughter together that is our world. We met when I was 15 she was 14 and we've been stuck on each other ever since. :-)

How do you prove your photos of you are really you???

That's How!!

Yea I look a little rough.... I need a haircut. That's a prototype badge. When your out working making and creating content in public you have to represent the place that pays you. I see this making people want to know what I'm doing taking photos or whatnot. This will make them want info about, I won't have to feed the idea to anyone. Curiosity will draw them to want to know more. I'm going to make a second one with label Photo Journalist. That would better describes me.

Let Me Bring You Into My World

Messy desk is a sign of intelligence

That's my modded Dell Precision. 1st Gen I-7 gtx 1050ti 500w PSU. Beautiful budget PC. I can game on it. Steam/Record games. This is my main PC for everything.

I'm no body builder.

Hayley is my daughters name she is 5. JRB stands for !!!!Juggalo Rydas Bitch!!!! What you know about that?!?!?

Just in case you want to know about the Juggalos or Psychopathic Rydas. Killing beats.


So this was a post about me. Just showing how to be yourself, show yourself, and let people know your human. I take pride in who I am...... I don't need to catfish folks on steemit to try and suck up a couple bucks. You can take me as I am. Well hope you look forward to some of my upcoming posts.


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What a great idea @spbenser. I think every Steemian should do this to prove they're not some identity

Great idea because lately there are so many identity theft going on all across steemit!

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