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Well i just want to make a suggestion about this blockchain, well so far the blockchain has been good, at least i now get love from different peoples and  communities and i am having fun.

But i would love it you can look into some more issues like the first and most important issue, how to make members in the community more active, i get we post and all but we need something  more so we can spend more time active on the platform on daily basis.

Activities like #steemhunt should be encouraged, #steemit should not be a place where we should just post our stuff and leave it should be more that that.

Probably the reason most of this big sites have today is that that users spend much time active o. these sites so the major question i want to ask most of our users here is, how long do you spend on #steemit.

I strongly believe if we can just increase the activities on the platform, and if successful this blockchain would reach it goal.

Yeah i am not supposed to just give complain without adequate solution nb it is just my opinion  anyways, lime i said before i love what #steemhunt is doing great job guys, well i would suggest maybe some activities that have rewards,or maybe possibly reward to people that spend like 6hours or more on the platform daily.

I know my fact might be quite inexperienced but i know that their is power in number, if we can make the platform so more people can be involved i think sure we can reverse this sudden down turn at the market cap.

Probably @ned would have thought of this or have plans for this,but i just feel i should say it as it is, i have met at least 5 steemians and i have realized  how they handle the platform and even me i mostly come online when i have something to post, we need something to make this blockchain addictive, something to make it irresistible to motivate others and also help generate traffic,so we would panic whenever we did not visit the platform anyday.

Thanks for reading comments are highly welcomed.


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