It May Have Taken Me Two Months... But, I Did It. I Actually Did It. Now.. Time For You To Vote On What I Should Do Next

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Thanks to possibly the most productive bathroom breaks in the history of bathrooms, I have managed to rank steemitdotcom in the top 100 leader board on a popular smartphone game.

This morning I defeated the person who held the position of rank 69, boosting me up to 84th position. I won't pretend that this has been easy, because in truth, it has been far from it. I even doubted I would be able to pull it off after somewhat of a losing streak, but bounced back strong and reached my target in the end. Regardless of the difficulty, it has been fun.

Why This Is A Good Thing For Steemit

WordsBypost is a cross-platform game, meaning that users can play opponents from all of the major operating systems such as Android, iOs, and Windows Phone. In the Android Market Place, the game has the "100 Thousand Downloads" badge, meaning that the game has been downloaded somewhere between 100,000 and 249,999(just before the next badge) times.

This alone would be great exposure for Steemit, but we then must take into account the amount of downloads on Windows Phone and iOS. Clearly not every single person who looks at steemitdotcom in the top 100 will then go and check what Steemit is. But even if 5% do, that could potentially be 10,000's of curious minds that turn up at Steemit to investigate. Once here, I believe the site and what it stands for will sell itself, with a percentage of those perhaps deciding to create an account. It may be optimistic,but that's the type of person I am.

Tell Me What To Do Now

It's time to make a decision, and I don't believe that decision should be mine alone. This choice will effect the whole community, and so I believe we should all have a say in it.

Do I;

  • A) Bank the position in the top 100, retaining visibility on the leader board for as long as possible. This is the safer, and perhaps wiser option. It simply means that I do not play anymore games.

  • B) Set a new target and attempt to climb higher up the leader board. Steemit is far more deserving than 84th place. Steemit should be 1st place. The problem is, there is no guarantee that I will be able to climb higher, and attempting to do so could result in me falling below the top 100 and losing the free advertisement that I have earned us.

The community will have to decide on whether I should play it safe, or go for glory. Please vote for the comment below that represents your wishes. The decision will be determined by vote count, not vote weight, so I advise you to use 1% voting power so as not to deplete your power unnecessarily.

Feel free to download the game and challenge steemitdotcom to a game.

Please Resteem this post to give everyone in the community an opportunity to vote.

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Go for glory with a new target of top 20

Go. For. Gold.

Rank number 1 has 81 Wins - 0 Draws - 0 Losses. Something tells me gold is unattainable. Perhaps silver though....

Maybe not unattainable, but silver would be the next best thing. :)

Play It safe and bank the position.

what the heck is the game anyway?

It's basically scrabble. Lol.

A pretty popular game though, and this should be great exposure for Steemit. It had better be too after how long it took me to get there.