UnderSteem updated (added reblog, new post overlay etc. from upstream)

in steemit •  2 years ago

As the title says, UnderSteem has been patched up with the latest changes.

You can now enjoy uncensored reblogging, post overlays, and of course, accepting your posts rewards in 100% STEEM power.

Thanks to @novium again, for his help in patching up the UnderSteem code.

If you weren't already aware, UnderSteem is an anonymous, uncensored fork of Steemit, and is available over TOR. You can read more on the original article here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@someguy123/understeem-steemit-without-censorship-nsfw-filter-removed-via-tor

Try it out!


Outside of TOR: usteempccoapgood.onion.to

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Interesting post!

Thanks for this info. I have an account I've been trying to get going on this, but Tor is a pain. It freezes, stalls, gobbles RAM and is just a pain in the keester. Any suggestions?


Tor browser? Tails?


Yes. Tails? Not sure what the question is. :)


Just suggestions, if you'd tried them. Tor browser by itself works quite lightly I think, but using the tails OS would be the next rung on the ladder. You could start the tails OS from a USB stick, from a DVD or on a Virtual Machine. Cheers.

Thanks for this, I missed it the first time round... off to Understeem :-)


Nice post!