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I'm new here, just joined about 5 days ago, but I've already come to love steemit more than any other blogging/social media platform I have ever been on, and I just had to share the love and say THANK YOU!

Here's 5 reasons why:

steemit allows us to leave the corporate system most (all?) other social media and blogging platforms are involved in. No big company owns steemit, our data isn't being tracked to develop detailed personality profiles and target ads at us. That's how the internet SHOULD be, but sadly this is a rarity nowadays. There's no profit motive behind this. We're not products, nor consumers to sell products to here, we are just people.

steemit is built on the technology of the future. We're well past Web 2.0 here, and it's exciting to be part of something new and revolutionary!

On steemit, we can financially support each other in unprecedented ways. It acts as an equalizer across nations and class. Everybody has the same chances of being noticed and rewarded for producing valuable content or insight.

steemit has a great, diverse community. We come from all over the world, we have a lot in common but are unique in just as many ways, and through all of it, we mostly stay civil and respectful. This just doesn't usually happen online! It's a spirit of mutual compassion.

We have massive freedom without having to fear censorship here. This is in direct contrast to most other social media platforms that frown upon unpopular opinions or things they consider vulgar. As long as you're not trolling or being a terrible person, steemit just lets you be.

Anyways, these are what came to mind, and I think it really sums up just how unique and wonderful this place is. We have something special here, and I am just so thankful to the creators of the platform for giving it to all of us.

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It's truly great isn't it, it feels like i'm not wasting time on the internet anymore lolz.