I kind of get the impression that Steemit Inc kind of just build us up this package of Steemit goods and then signed over their parental rights... We vote for Witnesses (kind of like voting for guardian angels who will help the platform thrive and have longevity, watching over just enough to make sure the whole village doesn't go up in flames), We vote and curate content for each other and don't have any strict official rules we need to follow, leaving it up to the community to produce and enforce their own etiquette.

We reward those who create good content that we want to read, kind of like paying a farmer for producing food.. Steemit (this site individually) is about reading blogs/articles/news and we vote for we want to see, content is the food of this website and we are the farmers..

Steemit Inc is the invisible diety in the sky that maybe one guys swears will return to us one day..

[ Please note I am full of sarcasm and any attempt to take me at face value may be hazerdous to your mental state.. Please see I have a vivid imagination and a creative way of showing it, I go against the grain and my opinions are very farfetch, weird at best.. If you 'get' me, then kudos to you!
Never take me seriously unless I'm making you laugh along with me xD ]

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