If You Have Coinbase, You Must Do This Task For Steemit!

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You must do this for Steemit

1.) Go to https://coinbase.com
2.) Login or Signup first
3.) Go to https://coinbase.com/price
4.) Click on the star

Info: If you don't see the stars, it seems that this is a somewhat common problem. At the current time, I'm not aware what the solution could be. But you can try to use different browsers.

Source: https://steemit.com/steem/@therealwolf/let-s-get-steem-on-coinbase

Why must you do this for Steemit?

Coinbase is tracking this information. There is a good chance that they will use that information to make a decision when listing their next coin. Everyone placing stars on STEEM could get STEEM listed on Coinbase.

This could be the single most important thing you can do for Steemit

Take action and follow the steps above

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Ok... but I did it through the app. It's a very similar process though...

Log in to app then, if not already there go to 'Prices' (1), then click the wish list thing (2).


Now click 3


Scroll down to find Steem in the list, click on Steem.

Now click 4


pat yourself on the back and say "damn that was easy, who else can i tell?"

You have to make a blog on this. Seriously

Consider it done! 👍



I have Coinbase, and I will do this right now!!! This is so important @socky!
Everyone, resteem this !! :)

I did it.

Great idea. Every Steemian with a coinbase account should join in and give it a star.

See if it helps get us listed on coinbase.

Welcome taskmaster. This one wasn't my idea. I have to give credit to @therealwolf and @gray00 for bringing this to our attention. Still very important task for everyone here.
Thanks @taskmaster4450

i have Coinbase, This is so important @socky!
very good post


Coinbase listing for STEEM will be huge. It is a major fiat connection. I will do this now. Thanks @socky

Exactly, the STEEM-Fiat trading pair is a major missing link for STEEM currency. When people have that link many more users will be more likely to buy STEEM and sign up for Steemit. Usership growth will bring value to this blockchain. Price of STEEM will mirror value.

I will do it.

Good! It is important

I've just done so. Let's keep this moving

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Hi Socky; my wife has tried on her MacAir (2017) via Chrome and Brave, but neither showed the stars. She also tried on the older 2009 Windows PC laptop, via Chrome and IE, neither of which worked. Possible age factor with the PC but the Mac is new. She is guessing that the Coinbase could have a PC based preference which might be why it doesn't work on Mac. We have emailed Coinbase asking them to list Steem for trading, and have Tweeted a request as well.

Done and done. Hopefully a few thousand will make somebody notice.

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I did this few days ago.

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@socky I tried both chrome and safari browsers and I cannot get the star to vote, maybe someone has a work around...... (:
I will try foxfire let me know if anyone has a fix......
I also tried foxfire no go ........

It worked for me on both edge and chrome.

Make sure that you are logged in. I noticed that if I am not logged in, I won't have the option to select the star.

Huh.....I do not have Edge. Yes I was logged in on Chrome, Safari and foxfire I will look into this I'll get it. I will post when I figure it out.
I just wonder if Coinbase might be buggy at the moment. I tend to get booted out of Coinbase Pro very quickly ( always have ) if I am idle on the trading page.

We need to figure this out. I'm on windows 10. What are you using?

The Wife has a PC but she is at work , I'll try it later tonight on her computer. She also has another Mac we will try that too it might just be a setting on this Mac.

socky I am on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5 I wonder if this could be a Mac issue.

I don't have a Mac to check. It could be the issue.

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