Coffee that’s too big for me...

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So I’m not a big coffee drinker, the only coffee I really drink is the watered down crap that is free in our work lounge. Well I wouldn’t even call it crap, I actually quite like it, but my coworkers say it’s crap so...

Anyway I had to meet with someone, and they offered to buy me coffee! The thing is, Starbucks was out of their regular brewed coffee so I was put on the spot to pick something else! I’m no expert so my coworker suggested me to get this cold brew coffee. I asked for a small, but the worker gave me a large just to be nice I guess.

I actually like the cold brew a lot! I just feel a little sick after drinking even just half of it! Not what I needed before the gym LOL!

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My wife appreciates and loves coffee in Eastern or Turkish. She brewed it in dzhezve (turka) on fire. And now she bought a coffee machine that brews coffee in the east. It turns out the same taste. Surprisingly, progress can not be stopped !!!

Glad that it tastes the same! She must love it!

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I am a coffee lover, but I prefer it hot

Me too usually, this was a first for me really!

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There is no “Coffee too big” in this World @snrm ;)

Haha that is very true, especially for many people I know!

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Starbucks coffee is a lot stronger than "regular coffee" - and they brew their iced coffee double strength!