Idea to improve Steemit - main picture issue fix!

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Hi Steemit!

Have you ever posted an article with images in it and thought "damn, this is not the image that I want to be shown at my blog"

Well I have an idea how to make our blogging lifes easier and our blogs more beautiful with just a simple tool!

Image from:

I'm new in the town. But it didn't pass too much time until I noticed the issue for the first time when I uploaded my first post. I added an image, that was a long rectangle rather than a square, to make it fit nicely in between lines:


Then (unfortunately after [sh]it happened) I've noticed that first picture is choosen by default as your promotion picture, so it looks like this:


Not cool, I know... it needs more pink

I was browsing other Steemit blogs to check if it happened to other users, and...(wait for it) ...yes! Badly resized pictured, cut off heads, rectangles on grey background.

Moreover, maybe not all users want their first picture in the post to be promoted? Maybe it would be cool idea to be able to choose which picture you want to use for your post promotion and/or be able to crop it/adjust the size?

This is my proposal

How about we develop a new tool (I can go further on this) that allows us upload a picture for our post without the need of having it in our post?

We can add one extra line under tags, with miniatures and option: choose your promotional picture.

If this makes trouble, maybe a good idea would be to have another tool that may give us the possibility to choose between the pictures that we uploaded through the whole post! (For example: I start with a picture of a mature koala that met a lady koala and had beautiful babies and lived forever after. And end the post with a picture of a happy family koala with babies and big house with grill. Naturally I would love to choose this last picture as main presentation of the post in my blog).


Thank you for animation @anritco :)

What do you think?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you! Muaks!

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Medium allows you to choose your hero image from the post itself. That image renders as a post thumbnail.

A UI issue which @sneak's team can fix, @snowwhite


Let's hope that tagging @sneak will make him take a look!


I hope so too.
Thus far, any tagging that I have done has not worked. But, I still try.......😊
@sneak @snowwhite

I like it a lot... Followed and Resteemed!


thank you! :)


I also like your post! I am Starting a Coding Community on Steemit #codeonsteemit check it out if you're interested! :)

Wonderful idea! It's also simple. Upvoted and resteemed


Thank you! Hope it will reach the right people :)

Nice article. I agree that it really would be better if we could resize and adjust the main picture of our posts based on our preference or desire.


That was my first idea since I joined the platform! I think we can do it even better, it can be really cool blogging app.

Yess, We need to get this post viral (On steem). I believe this would be considered by the developers and is a simple to add.


Do you know how to do that?


they need to add a custom markup tag that defines thumbnail, eg image is
when uploaded. maybe you could change start part, ![], to ![thumnail]
it would look like this ![thumnail](

Zgadzam się z twoim postem - jednocześnie zachęcam do spróbowania odezwać się też na tagu polish. :)


Chwile potrwa zanim się wgryzę, to mój pierwszy tydzień :)

This is something I would really like. I post a lot of art process works, but I don't want my thumbnail to be my sketch. Giving a hint of the final product is much preferable. And I think a good portion of the art community would love this too.

Great Idea! Would love to have this functionality!! Upvoted and resteemed!

Yeah! its realy necessary!