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It is not all, there is more:

  1. Please stop shouting in headers.
  2. Please start your sentence from the right side of the paragraph, that is don't center paragraph text (unless you are writing arabic or some other left to right script).
  3. Please use markdown when you can.
  4. Please don't fill half of your post with a "signature".
  5. Please don't ask for votes and reshares.
  6. Please vote on comments.
  7. Please use your votes.

Better advice :)


Sorry....There always has to be that one guy.


You beat me to it!


Lol! Only because the post was 4 mins old when I saw it!


It's very apt though, so many shouty!!


Shouting is not cool, man.

Ok, sorry. Why won't anyone believe me? The Earth is flat!

That's better.


Hahahaha, why did I come over this only after 7 days xD deserves a 100% 5 times over


Hahahaha This is fabulous!

The Other Annoying Titles Are The Ones That Look Like This.

It is great you could stop by and give the community such warm and fuzzy feelings. lol.

I call the ALL CAPS title users for the raywilliamjohnson's of Steemit.

Maybe the shouting is just in your head, and not theirs ;)


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Guilty as charged. I'm gonna re-think my blog style.


Dear @sneak, I've modified the styling of my headlines in my latest blog post, is it better now?