Help Wanted: Call for world-class JS and Python devs.steemCreated with Sketch.

in steemit •  2 years ago

We're hiring.

Please refer your best JavaScript and Python developers to me:

We're building out several amazing teams working on excellent projects throughout the whole Steem ecosystem and I want to invite the brightest and best to join us in shaping our future.

Thank you!

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Shared to self-taught programmers on fb. Im part of that community and im sure there's a handful of members there whom may be interested. If anyone gets back to me ill make sure to point them in the right direction or pass your info to them.

Have shared your request via my social media.
LinkedIn and Twitter (I have 17.3k Followers)

I could share some experiences, and I would like to get paid...

I Go to say it to one programmer friend. Thanks.

I'm not the best but always learning.
Some skills in the following; js, py, php, sql, gis, Linux, Apache.

Learning Python now. As a Nurse it is essential (completely joking). But I have so mich fown time that I am like I want to learn how to code so i can teach my daughter who wants to be an engineer or a doctor so I have to learn myself. As a side note is Python the best thing to start off coding, after learning basic HTML, like I? Sorry for the post hijack😩


Hi Wwamd Python is an essential programming language. It has been suggested that is one of, if not the simplest programming language to learn. I learned it at University. I would advice to learn it. But back to your question:

is Python the best thing to start off coding, after learning basic HTML, like I?

Depends on what you want to use it for. If it is for web development ( you will need CSS and the Javascript) this are the basic for web dev. Python is a more all purpose language (generic in a sense), but extremely useful (arguibly one of the most popular language as of today).


Oh and BTW I FOLLOWED you and UPVOTED and will look out for your future posts. Thanks for your time and effort in answering my questions.


Ok great that is what I have heard. I know I will have to learn Java since it is so ubiquitous on the internet. And the acronyms will take me some time too. Maybe I should take some CS courses in my spare time or do you think I can use CodeAcademy and other resources to teach myself, and my 11 yeard old daughter? I figure by the time she is 16 and applying to Universities she will be able to say "I can code in six (or more) different languages already🤓" which will help her to become an Engineer, Computer Engineer or Video Game Developer, which is what she says she wants to do right now. But after all my advice she will probably be the only Art Major that can code in six languages hahahaha 😩💰. At least she can make the next Instagram or something or Roblox for 2018. Her and her brother who I am training to be a Kicker in Football. My little retirement package🤑


Back to the coding topic, do you think for getting a Raspberry Pi 3 this summer for me and my daughter what should we be learning to make it into a media server, an emulator, a robot of some type, perhaps something else... I will probably end up buying at least five of them and a ton of sensors and other accessories.

Nice to know you are hiring. what about SEO Team hiring? I see All other concern steemit doing. But steemit must need to concern link audit seriously. I can not believe a very high quality site but trust flow 26. what I was thinking minimum must be 50+ TF. any time Google can decline even it has unique content. follow my post to get some idea.

sir i m not hv perfection till now.

i have used both but am unfortunately not world class by anyone's standards.

wish i had some skills - anyway nice to see your post - am following

I'd be interested in the Python side of it :)


Please send me an email. :)



I have experience in JavaScript and python and a passion for this platform. Sending you an email now!

do you pay in STEEM, BTC or USD and what is the salary?

Wishing my Python skills were in the world class spectrum... Though I am certain it takes little time before you're flooded with messages from a great many far passed capable of these tasks.
I look forward to seeing what the future holds here @sneak .

Side note for my grammar peeps

  • Is it passed or past?
    • "Though I am certain it takes little time before you're flooded with messages from a great many far passed capable of these tasks. "


You passed the test.
You performed past my expectations.

Hope that helps.

I'm not a good python programmer as I just finished learning it, but if possible I'd love to be a spectator/assistant for one of the great programmers you pick for experience hehe

Hi Sneak,

I am not the best but I can surely help. I know both languages. I will drop you an email.

Is this a brick and mortar or a teleworking position? If geographically fixed... where is the location?

I can guess it's for remote


Aerospace engineer working in germany since 5 years (hamburg and bremen) looking for a different professional path.I feel currently very motivated about developing in startups.

I have experience with the MEAN stack. Currently learning REACT.JS. Made several dev projects on my own. Open for a junior position.



I got a response from someone to my Tweet sharing your request. Might be worth contacting them.

Here's what they responded:

"Hey Andy, We have good Python devs here. Let's discuss more pls DM or me. Portfolio: . "