Reasons why I will NEVER be on Top Steemit

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Hello everybody!

After some thinking and observations and make some analytics how Steemit works I got conclusion What I will never be on top and #trending post position. And I try explain why.

  1. I'm a regular guy with technical education.
  2. I don't think what my life have really something especial or useful for sharing to Steemit community.
  3. I don't like make a silly posts about everything.
  4. I don't think what tons of single-type post what flow the Steemit can help to change world to a good way or push human beings to a higher levels of evolution.
  5. I like to produce of to do something real instead generation a informative noise.
  6. I'm not popular and famous and can't bring a lot of new members to Steemit.
  7. English not my native language and this don't allow me make easy reading a post at this time.
  8. I can't always looking for personal profit because I like to share everything.
  9. Even if I will discover cold nuclear fusion and make a announcement this post will drown in a large flow of new messages. And most people don't find real and significant things fun and interesting.
  10. I can't catch what society needs.
  11. I don't have any whales in friends and I don't invest much funds to have a power.

Anyway I don't Steem hater and I will continue make posts time to time.

Thank you all for your time, yours @smailer

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: You don't need to have a whale friend
: Join me and others to build your own social networking here @bullionstackers
: you don't have to be popular, just support your circle networks
: same my English is not very good , many are too
Please don't be disappointed
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I am just a plankton but my UPVOTES can be heavy weight too.

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    All the best

I spent all day getting content for my post. I spent 5 hours writing the article and putting everything together. It didn't make much. It was a good article and I put the time in..but maybe I have low following, reputation, and am getting drowned out. Not sure If I can make it on Steemit, but I still enjoy the community. I really hope I stick with posting and who knows maybe one will hit. @johnnyyash

I have see your posts, some really nice

That is life - suffer...

Correct hash tag - #thending , or otherwise you'll be on top with this tag :-)

Thank you, fixed

Hey, just like most other people here! Woohoo! It's lonely at the top, and we haven't lost anything there! I'm here to see if there is anything to learn here or any new ideas or sharing formats... and if I can't find them, to create them!

It would've been cool if the page didn't default to trending, but was rather split in two with new or updated posts first, though. Just because a lot of people likes something, doesn't mean that everybody else should too... there should be a bell curve that maximizes the chance for every single post to be seen, not wisk the ones seen by whales off to the top to be seen by even more people!

Thank you for the post! It's very interesting!!!!

I will be your minnow friend! Here is what I want to ask you to do. Start thinking of a real world change you want to do and can do. Get a solid plan and post it here. Make some noise about it. If english becomes a true obstacle I bet you can find a ton of help with that, unfortunately I am still working on english... sorry

I am the plankton
I can be your friend 😜😋😋🙊🙊