Cardano ADA the new and better Ethereum!

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Imagine if you've bought Ether at 2 cents each!!! Now is your chance
ADA released and listed today at Bittrex, currently trading at only 0.02 USD!😱
Now that's a steal. Cardano is both a platform and a currency, which will play a big roll in the market.
The project ico has been 2 years on the way, and team is crazy strong.

bittrex hasn't listed any new coins in forever, and then ot of nowhere ADA get's listed. this is huge!
You don't want to be missing out on this!

it'll of cause be highly volatile the first couple of days as it get's settled, but it'll be shooting straight up in a matter of weeks.


ADA ico cost is 2c now it costs 46c. So who was right?

Might be too early to tell, but cardano looks impressive. I've invested in it today (for disclosure)

It could go high, but don't think its price going to be as high as ETH because of coin supply ($45B).

Is ether finite ?

Its price could be as much as ether in a couple of years. Just my intuition. Reason being, its being considered by many start ups + the already established enterprises. Also, the owner of cardano was co-founder of Ether, so he difinately knows the flaws of ether and implement better solutions through cardano.

Thanks for the article. I got a good feeling about cardano too.