These faucet actually works. Claim litecoin and bitcoin every 5 minutes (TESTED)

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Hi steemians

Just wanted to share a couple of faucets that actually pays out, and works without scamming people.
I've tested them and they do payout

this is the list:
Litecoin -
Dogecoin -

You need to have a coinpot account, so that the faucets can pay you. pretty easy to set up

good luck and have a great day :D!

btw Feel free to ask any question, just remember to tag me @slywest


I will try this and report back

Yeah go for it @matthewpro7799
btw you can use adblocker on all of them, except
works really well, and you can claim whenever you want, down to every 5 minutes :)

THank you very much @arooj , hope you'll get some great earnings :D bitcoin for all