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If you are interested in creating an additional Steemit account, Anon Steem is the tool for you! 

I found this tool the other day while looking for ways to create an additional Steemit account. Currently to create an account through you need an email and unique phone number (more specifically a unique sim card). This can become an issue if you run out of additional phone numbers. 

You should instead consider account creation using Anon Steem. 

You might desire to have an anonymous account for a brand, new online persona, or private Steem asset storage. 

Anon Steem accepts BTC, LTC, and STEEM. Although paying with STEEM might poke a hole in your anonymity plans. 

I acquired an account with Anon Steem and paid with LTC, as Bitcoin is crazy slow these days. It ended up being around $17 worth of LTC.

It took about 8 min to get the account name and password, at which point I logged in and changed the password securing the account.

I highly suggest using Anon Steem to scoop up another account. The process was smooth and painless.


What were the benefits of this?

With regular user registration your email and phone number are linked to your account. This process doesn't require that data.

That's wot I'm thinking aswell

Yes, that's my question too, why would I want a second account?

You might want a 2nd account for a business or brand. Some people also desire an additional Steem savings account with a different password protecting it.

agreed indeed. i created this account to track news and post things i randomly like. But with the potential of Dtube i would like to get rid of google and youtube so i can place my music videos and game videos on steemit. But if i want to just have the account focused on that 1 thing instead everything chaotic on 1 account i would need at least 3 accounts right now to separate and sort all the content i make.

I might have to create another account ... My hobby one :)

Anon Steem takes a phone number?...

No, does for account creation. -Edited the post to reflect this.

Ahh, that's better. And no, I'm pretty sure requires a unique phone number, not SIM card. If you replaced your SIM but kept your number, it wouldn't help you get another Steem account. And if you changed numbers, but kept the same SIM, it would let you make a new account. :-P

guys i don't think there is not bad info just how u use it chill out

What if you just use a different phone number and a different email on a different computer? Would that work?

thats still a lot of money for 1 steemit account