What is Steemit?

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Twitter and Facebook stock prices dropped 20% this week, which was a HUGE drop, and the largest single-day-drop in facebook's history. The growth of these social media behemoths seems to be stalling, as people find alternative platforms.

One such platform might be steemit, where users can actually earn money for posting. I chatted to Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit, while at Consensus this year.


Excellent interview with Ned.
Steem is a great alternative to Facebook. I barely look at Facebook once a month since joining Steemit.
It would be helpful if you could find real world friends more easily on Steemit.

I agree with you.

Hopefully we'll have a solution soon!

I agree, I'd like it to be easier to connect!
Thanks for watching the interview :)

Facebook attacked Steemit and the whole Crypto Industry by banning Crypto Ads in late Jan.
Steemians can fight back for internet freedom by joining the Class Action against the Crypto Ad Ban.
Its No Win No Fee (thus no risk to you) and you can win damages based on a percentage of your crypto holdings if we are successful.

While I don't agree with their ban, it's a private platform so they can do what they want

Private companies have to comply with the law, including competition (anti-trust) law. When you control over 2/3rds of the online advertising market you can't do whatever you want. You especially can't act in a monopolistic way against competitors.

I understand what you're saying. Facebook is definitely a company I'm not a fan of and it is certainly very large. Their latest earnings suggest they are far from an invincible monopoly though. At the start of my video above I explain that people are leaving the platform for alternatives. It supports the argument that real monopolies don't exist unless they're govt enforced, because new players constantly enter the space as technologies evolve.

I like that you're trying to fight back, it's definitely admirable, because a lot of people have been hurt by the ban.
I don't agree that government should be involved though.

Its true that Facebook is not invincible and that people are moving to other platforms.
But this is a war to regain our online freedom, privacy and right to profit from our own content. In a war you need to use ALL the weapons you have available.
The other side is fighting back with censorship, creating Facebook blockchain apps and other nefarious means.
Victory is not assured and history is sadly littered with examples of repressive regimes winning.
This class action can weaken Facebook's financial and moral standing and strengthen that of the Crypto Industry so that alternative platforms, like Steemit, can take over.

Why do you want to weaken their standing? Build something that's better

Because they have become too powerful and are abusing that power.
When "better" is crushed by "big" the people lose.
That's why is crucial to use the Courts and competition law to level the paying field so "better" can win.

Further to this discussion, I just posted a link to an excellent interview with Ezra Levant where he discussed why a pure libertarian approach (just build a better "x") cannot work in situations like we currently have with the Tech Giants. He talks about how this is reminiscent of the monopolies J D Rockefeller had with Standard Oil and owning the rail, the steel and the coal mines.

See https://steemit.com/informationwar/@apshamilton/excellent-interview-discussing-big-tech-censorship

This class action is private litigation. Its not really involving the government, unless you count use of the Courts for private litigation as involving the government?

well info thank you

Excellent information

Thank you for watching the interview!

Thanks for watching!

Very good interview and the guest to the important points about the benefits of Steem, my particular case with two months in this social network, I like very much I can express myself, educate, inform and have a remuneration.
In my case a displacement to the other social networks.
However, I should allow people who take me to submit a notification when I post an entry and have a direct chat with the contacts. However I love this platform.
Greetings very good interview Congratulations.

I would REALLY love a direct chat option also!

Yesssssss Pleaseeeee

Steemit is okay, but the reward system is kind of not good here in steemit too. If this problem is not solve steemit will fall-down very soon. Quality contents are not getting vote while tones of shitty contents are getting lots of votes from whales.

Certainly there are problems, but more is the good thing about this social network

I agree. It's a huge step up from fb ;)

I agree there are some issues. I think that Steemit is the best option out there at the moment, but there's more and more competition every day, may the best one win :)

Great conversation with the CEO of Steemit, I resteem it.

Thanks so much! I appreciate that :) followed :)