Justin's stake is not frozen. You know, someone who buys into Steem should have done due diligence, Justin must have known about the ninja stake and the purpose of what its supposed to be used for. The soft fork should have prompted a dialogue between him, the witnesses and the community where he could have been informed, even he genuinely didn't know, about the ninja stake and he wouldn't have then been 'forced' into a hostile takeover - JUSTIN KNEW! And what he tried to do to the Steemit platform in collusion with exchanges like Binance was totally illegitimate and unacceptable, some say potentially illegal. Out of order. He effectively attempted to turn Steemit into a centrally controlled platform, which would destroy it. Yes we are here for money but we also have principles and a community. Justin doesn't seem to understand that.

There is a bunch to speculate, discuss and debate on the situation for sure. Ethics, sure, the exchanges may be out of order. Legality, I'll leave that to the lawyers.

Both sides seem emotionally charged. Mostakes were made but the vitriol is amplifying mistakes on both sides. Justin is a huge figure and seem to jave his pulse on marketing and media. This reality is something the witnesses should consider further before acting again. It could still go either way. At the end of the day, Sun will continue on, steemit too, but risking some steemians who are less than hardliners.

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