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steemit life

I miss the view counter so much. I took pride in getting more views then the high paying posts that used bots.

Looks like the views were removed from the blockchain not just the view counter going away, i find this startling as i thought information could not be removed from the chain.

If anyone can show me how i look at the views posts had before they removed the counter that would be great cause till then im thinking information has been removed from the blockchain and thats not suposta be possible right?

anyways let me know what you think of the crap comic.


+1 View here ;>

Manual view counter running.

I don't think they removed it from the blockchain, they have only hidden it so you can't see what a scam Steemit is when you get more votes than views.

i hope thats true but the day they removed the counter someone linked me to th china interface, think it was cnsteem or somthing. after i went there and went back to old posts they all said 0 even ones i had screen shots from in the past showing over a hundred views.
2 days later cn steem removed the view counter too.
If the information hasent been removed from the blockchain then we need a way to see view count so we can go back to calling out the no view high vote and payout scammers.

Could always be worse though...


I don't know what there planning sor Steem.
In any case, I've been checking out Electroneum. I got it working on my cellphone. It's simulates mining and you can get 10 ETN every 2 or 3 days which is 20 cents free because it basically doesn't consume much energy.
If you try it out, my referral is 4DC639. It gives me a 5% bonus.

I made a paper wallet with them months ago, gotta go digging around the paper stack on my desk to see if i can find it.
my phone is old and crap pluss its apple, i looked for an electroneum app and couldnt find one.
Is there a website miner that you know of?

The website is way differnt even now, i dont even see the setup to make the paper wallets anymore.

I downloaded it from Google Play Store. Just type in Electroneum.
It doesn't matter if your phone is a piece of crap, it's simulated mining anyway. I have an android app, I don't know if there's one for apple.
There website miner sucks plus they are winding down their mining pools.
I'm gonna try to setup awesome miner and find a pool to try mining it, but I'm gonna wait a few days because they are changing algo from cryptonight to cryptonight7 on the 30th of may.

Yeah i couldnt find an apple app.
im in need of a new phone so once i upgrade it will be a droid im sure(only have an iphone cause it was gifted to me). then ill be mining in my sleep.

I want you to compete. we look for logo and banner

quiero que concurses. buscamos logo y banner

oh cool, Ill check it out after i finish my replys.
making a logo sounds fun so ill prolly make one.

I too miss the view counter

The only people that are glad its gone are the people that would get 200+ votes and 8 views.
most people miss it.

This is so true.... View counter proved it so they removed it.

thats sure how it feels to me.

then we will have to leave a message so you know that we went through here

😁 😍 😁 😍 😁 😍

Im lucky to have such great followers!

You are very kind I like to be faithful followers to those who offered me their hand and their visits. My vote is tiny but whenever I can I will stop @skeptic
many thanks.

You saw the photos of the fortin I live here and I had not visited it so close it was quite a walk but it was worth the view of the place is beautiful

the fort pictures were really neat. such a wonderful view of the ocean and the buildings look amazing. worth the walk to see such a beautiful place.

The artwork in your comic are really funny because it's what we used to see when we were very young in some kiddies playbook. Just lines and circle describing the full human form. Lol

yeah it looks like a little kid did it.
they are fun to make so i dont mind it looking simple.

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