Short Story Steemit Comic Doodle - Steemit Life

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Just a short comic about my steemit life.

Let me know what you think about it.

Cheers steemit!


Live long and prosperous ... View counter rumor to come back at hard fork 2020.

Image result for spock
That would be awesome if they brought it back but honestly i doubt it just like the flag counter changed and never went back to counting flags.

A very long life LOL

could always be worse.

By the way I forgot to comment,

I also need the Visits counter. LOL

most people miss it i think.

I invite you to participate in this contest. is to create a logo and a bank for the support account that I'm going to take is called topfivefamily

Another way, that I invent to continue helping more Venzolanos.

And I'm not going to lie to you, also that account will help me, at least to cover a little the basic needs that a salary of university professor does not cover.

I got it open in a new tab, going to read it now.
should have a logo for it soon.

I made stuff for it.
i posted it in the comments.



Always doing extraordinary things
you are going to make our wonderful logo

you are competing excellent

I like the first one

thank you!

I will make a second one tonight for it.

I should not answer that if you like what you do ha ha ha

Hi skeptic!! How you been? Hows progress on the first annual steemit wolf of wall street quaalude party? Were counting on you. 😋😜🤪😝😵💊 85342A08-60B1-481E-A03C-79F4FDEDF8D0.jpeg
(jk don’t think a.i. can pick up the nuances of subtle humor)

first time hearing about it but damn it sounds fun.
can people even get quaaludes anymore?

that logo is sick!

if there is an rsvp put me on the list.

Ta!!! One of these days....just remember to call an uber...leave the lambo home.

no lambo, heal toe express for right now.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

thanks, you too!

That seems like a robot, it always writes the same thing to you in all your posts.

Yeah its one of the guys that made the tag to use when you opst about gold or silver.
If you ever post about metals use the steemsilvergold tag and the people into that stuff will easily see your post.

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