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in #steemit6 years ago

js Sa Jy Ff ZNpx K8943 E84 TA r

g GRs C36 QZaq896 M1zx Rw r

pybab ER7 Hebn FHGX0 PQ hw r

Just some stuff, Let me know what you think.




My Precious!

Cheers Steemit!


I love the first and the last one! Damn those look good!

Thanks yo!

No problem! Steemians must help each others... and good content is help enough ahah!

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very true.

Im new in steemit and trying to build up my account by blogging and also check for people to follow in the New section but its hard... tons of useless contwnt to go through to find the right ones.

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yeah, it just takes time.
so many posts happen per second its hard to keep up. best thing in my opinion is just keep doing what your doing and your account will grow.

I like the last one most. Good work.

thank you!

I love the way you make digital pics 👌 really loved each of them

thanks bro.
i need more insperition tbh, got any suggestions on something to make?

LOL! Great work man.
Golem with the steem ring ...................Ha Ha! Reminds me of myself :-)

thanks bro, i feel the same sometimes.

Golem... Golem... precioussss...

Was your comment forged by Sauron?
because it is preciousssssssssss!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Thank you too!

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