Just Some Stuff I Did Recently

in #steemit6 years ago

rick and morty psychedelic fan art?





other junk i played with from some site i was messing with.

z Vjv SSZk Nnw HMLbu ELq Myw r

UYRTt Bc B2 Yb6q Ot Xy PJFNg r

tx QRg N2 T1v G4 Fp BMRaule A r

Photo Funia 1527130474

KPWPu66jla Dap Eamdol3 Iw r

JYXv TYb Zbmd E F7 Kq IFQPw r

IBd6 Okc K3 Qkg Oxh JAurl4g r

9 Pn Ge9pub9 Qk VDs ZNk4y Mw r

Let me know what you think.

cheers steemit.


You are like me Seeing steemit everywhere, so it happens to me and if I do not see him I talk about steemit with everyone I know, but no, in a bathroom I do not. LOL

Give it time and talking about steemit in restroom will be normal.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

you too yo!

It’s so nice of you creating some steemit stuff in different styles. Wherever you go, you see the logo of steemit. The community is fully aware of the existence of steemit. It's indeed popular!

been doing it for a bit now, be honest and critical of the facts and beware of the whale backlash.

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